Monday, September 1, 2008

welcome back

It is really such a long time since my last update.

Well, finally manage to squeeze some time to post my new blog.

Many will be curious what I am doing now. And some are quite disappointed with me that I gave up my dream so easily.

I have to said that it is not easy. I have no other choice.

My world is not only consists of myself. I can't burden my family just for my own dream.

May be this is called sacrifice...but...sacrifice sometimes does bring happiness right... hehe... but i won't take it as sacrifices~I want to make my decision be worthy!! =P ~ hope the decision that I have made will end up with happiness for myself and my family.

Okie...I would like to sum up what I have gone through all this while since I entered University Malaya.

Firstly, I've got to know two nice roomates, Shirley from Building Surveying and NanJiun from Biomedical Science. I'm glad that three of us get along well with each others. We chat until 2am to 3am every night!probably,every early morning~hehe....

We share everything whether is past or current occurence~and then we laugh until we finally go into dreamland...I do like my room B205 muchie~^^

On the other hand, at my pharmacy department, I've gone through the unforgettable three weeks' orientation and our annual gathering.

During the orientation, I had undergone so many hurdles.

Seniors kept giving us hard tasks,...scoldings and punishments were just too common during these days..I am regarded as one of the COCKY girls...

Briefly, it was just too tough for me initially...and some of us even cried over it...well,did I cry also?? guess yourself~ =P

For the annual gathering, I supposed to be the emcee...but then I lost my voice three days before the event..

So, once again, I had to give up the position.

But I took part in the performance part, candle show and Indian dance~haha...

All of us felt so happy during the annual gathering because it indicated that we are freed!! The orientation was over!!,we miss the orientation week so much...

Currently, our days are piled with lectures, tutorials, tests, homeworks and so on....

oh my godness.....I hate the continuous test (CONNEST) the most !!!

We have unlimited tests striking us every week !!!

Thanks to my laziness, I score damn poor result for my CONNEST~haha....

It's already late~I have to end my post here...I will continue the second part next time k~

Good night ~

shirley(left),me,pharmacy senior(center above),nanjiun(right)

Nik, male emcee of annual gathering

pharmacy girl's power

spot me??Indian Dance performance~hehe....

dancers : from ther left, yogamalar,laihui,xinli and me

xinli,what's wrong with your hair??!!

pharmacy annual gathering 2008/2009- together forever