Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shout: IBS sufferer

It is torturing. It is a psychological trigger. It is an intolerant. It still doesn’t get away.
Due to this, I started to google for relievers and it’s disheartening to find that it has NO CURE.
Aarrgghh… IBS why u cross my life without permission?!

Feel like hanging myself:


To prepare myself for the battle, I should purchase this:


But it’s only available at USA and UK starts from dec 2010. O.o wth.

Some says from the site http://www.irritable-bowel-syndrome.ws/IBS-self-help.htm
The bad news is that there is no cure for IBS, and it can be difficult to treat. The good news is that you live in a time when IBS is finally beginning to get the attention and research it deserves - and the drugs. The internet has lead to a huge amount of support being available online, with plenty of support groups and messageboards available, and you're really not alone!

I should be glad or mourning over it knowing that my suffers will be lasting for quite some time?
I’m officially an IBS sufferer =(

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Four more days to the final assessments and I couldn’t study with the burps haunting me. =( Current average burping frequency is one burp per 10 seconds. In peak period, it can be one burp per 3 seconds. Goodness! I can’t take this anymore. When the burps couldn’t be released, I felt like nauseated. This condition has been catching me for about 3 months.

Last week, I had diarrhea again which drove me for a medical consultation to check out what’s actually going on with me. Another problem within me is I have been experiencing diarrhea here and then. Sometimes, I got diarrhea with tremendous pain which made my whole face turned pale and my extremities got cold and I could have fainted if condition went uncontrolled. There was time when in severe pain, I was thinking if I really fainted in the toilet some day guess nobody would have realised it. hahaha.. Sounds sarcastic uh, as a healthcare student I have a lot of health problems with me. LOL. The whole gastrointestinal condition giving all these eerie experiences.

If you’re a medical student itself and you knows so well about how human body functions, when your own body reacts adversely, you will start thinking of the worst possibilities like : I might have cancer? LOL. Choi Choi Choi~ But that thought would cross my mind sometimes. =D Hey this is absolutely rational thinking okay. One of the underlying causes for chronic diarrhea is cancer mer.. XD

So, the diagnosis was:

I got IBS, to be exact, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It was said to be stress-induced. =)
And with that medication prescribed:

Metrogyl and Atropine for my diarrhea.

Liblan and Omeprazole for my IBS

But, I don’t think the medications work. It may work in the case of reducing my gastric acidity but not for the burps i think. I still burping freaking much though I have taken half course of the medicine so far. And there is no way I can control my stress while the nerves get tensed during critical times. So, OMG I shall keep burping for whole of my life! =S

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Qwerty Keyboard

It’s time to say byebye to my extraordinarily old SE K700i cell phone which has been with me all the while for more than 4 years. As my first phone, it had been serving me well except the navigation key which sulking sometimes. There are people who fond of switching phones from time to time which I see it as a lavish and not nature-conserving type of people, wasting a lot of natural resources plus the batteries of phones causing much hazards to the environment, just to fulfill their personal desires. There is a funny thought in me where I sometimes will regard those who frequently changing cellphones as playboys/playgirls who switching partners like changing clothes. LOL. If the pattern of using phone can be equalized to the loyalty of a person to somebody, then I guess I should be a super duper loyal girl??!! hahaha…

To decide on which cellphone to serve me for the next few decades, it had been a baffling issue for me. Finally, I got one with the following criteria:
1) I need a pda phone/ smartphone.
2) I want a qwerty keyboard phone.
3) I don’t want a slide phone nor touch screen phone.

So, perhaps you will suggest blackberry. But, this time is dad who pays for me. As a FILIAL daughter (ahem), I would like to save his pennies, moreover, he definitely won’t be paying single cent and vituperate me if I choose an over budget phone. For the parents, they have a thought that I should just get myself a phone which can make calls and text messaging and that should be enough for me. True to some points for my current status, so I obey since the primary reason for me to get a new phone is because my old phone has became faulty. But of course I would like to get a phone with certain good functions provided. Out of the shortlisted, I picked this:

Yea, a Nokia E Series phone which I like it very much. Yea, it’s a qwerty keypad phone which simply means a phone with full keypad just like those of the computer keyboard. Notice the word “QWERTY” (which I don’t know how to pronounce yet), it is simply adopted from the first row of the keypad alphabets. So cool!!! =)

Mom commented that the device is such a big one which makes me look rough, not nice at all. LOL. On the other hand, brother who wanted me so much to get a N8 instead, commented that it’s ugly too. Hahaha… But I’m still very attached to this one =D

To be honest, when I first saw blackberry last time, I yelled at its keypad because I was thinking that .. .. .. it is ugly. LOL. And now I got this, can’t believe that I started to grow fond of it!! It eases the typing by allowing simple and rapid typing with its full keyboard!! And the reason for me not to get a touch screen phone is because the touch screen is functioning a litlle slow. When you touch on an alphabet, it takes about 1 second to make the sense detected. Sometimes you may just miss the touch and re-touch it several times. That was what I experienced when I used my brother’s HTC for one day previously (I’m noob in touch pad perhaps. Haha). Maybe the technology can be improvised several years later and I’m looking forward for that. And for now I would need a fast typing one. =)

Another cool thing about this keypad is its navigation key. It possesses four side buttons for you to press up, down, right and left. Another option is you can choose to use the optical navigation key which is the red rounded square at the centre as shown in the image. Just by a sense of touch, you can navigate by swiping your finger on it to the direction you wants!! After all, i still can have some touch sense mode in this device. Woohoo.. =D

I’m obsessed with its specifications. The only regret is I wasn’t able to get the gold colour of this due to some miscommunications. See, the gold colour (the first phone in the image below) is much more feminine and classy! =(


Anyway, hopefully it serves me well for the upcoming days. Long live e72! And friends, you can call me at anytime now without hindrance. =D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My last day of lecturing was initiated with the following:

Yea, Bisou bake shop at Bangsar Village, a shopping mall where classy rich population strolls at. Sadly to say, I’m not belonged to the population k.. Haha… I came across this bake shop about two months ago where I found its cupcakes were pretty well decorated. Guess it won’t taste really bad as there are only two outlets available at Malaysia. Another is at Suria KLCC. So, both locations have some “Standard”, so it won’t go really wrong guaaaa~ So, we decided to give it a try.

The design of the bake shop:

It is just a simple open space located near the bridge which connects the two divisions of the Bangsar Village. A simple whitish build-up of the bake shop equipped with several tables and seatings together with array of cupcakes at the entrance.

Looks like some bridal shower cake…

Some cupcake displays at the bakeshop. Look tempting?? LOL… They are all artificial!! Gotcha!! XD

And these are the real one… ChuiHua looks excited over those pretty cupcakes =D

Now, lets have a close view. Proudly presenting:

There should have more choices offered but these were what we got that day. We were standing in front of the cupcakes and wondering which to be brought back. After 15 mins, we paid up. The cupcakes cost rm5 for each. For every 5 pieces purchased one extra free cupcake will be given. So it means rm25 for six. =)

And it comes with a pretty paper bag!

Tata~ These were what we got. To tell the truth, the prettier the cupcakes, the more unpleasant the taste would be. LOL. I’m serious. The Vanilla Garden and Love Me Tender are the worst. The most palatable cupcakes which I like the most is the Choco Dementia. Not because of the medical word Dementia, is because it has a thick chocolate paste in the cupcakes. Therefore it tastes GOOD. If you wants a milder chocolate taste, then I would suggest Ebony& Ivory or Bling Bling (what a lame name..LOL).Guess why we got all those cupcakes??

It’s for them – QingLiang and Sue! We were celebrating for their early birthdays. It is huge early for Sue as her birthday is still about 3 weeks apart. LOL. But have no choice, both of them will be having birthdays during our study week.

(p/s: Hey, you got a big SAM TET on your shirt lor! Semua orang akan tau~)

A warm pic of the day. Red heart(One person is missing)

Happy birthday to the November babies. =)