Thursday, October 15, 2009

Towards 21.

Thing changes with time, but the memory will forever be there.
Numerous wishes from people made me feel the kindness, the love, the care from people.
Love makes the world perfect =)
I really appreciate every true friendship that has been built up by the mean of time.
Friendship is meant to be appreciated. Sincerity and trustworthy are the utmost important in building up strong bond of friendship. Once the bond is broken, it is hard to be mend for the hurt, disappointment and sadness that being stabbed deeply right into the heart where you keeps almost everything.
I'm glad that I have a couple of friends who I can share things with.
May be one day we may lose contact, but the friendship will forever be there.
Friends, I just wanna to say
Life wouldn't be perfect if without you.

The venue.

The cuisine.

The cake.

The figure.

The mummy's girl =)