Monday, September 21, 2009


I went for the second time photo shooting for the photographer as he wanted to shoot another theme instead of the previous japanese theme.
The newer theme was badminton outfit. And we have the shooting at a badminton court at one of the cyberjaya apartment.
I thought the court looks grand as told so by the photographer.
But then...chiuuu...tipu.
Of course as a non-pro model like me will seek opportunity to play few rounds of badminton. Hehe.
Following that I have a mild body ache now. Ish.
Anyway, hopefully those photos won't turn up bad for you la. Hope you score a good mark uh photographer. =D
And sorry for not being serious in the task. Hahaha.
Well, overall I did enjoy the whole process.
Great photographer please add oil to achieve your goals uh. Good Luck =)

The photographer David Ooi

Self-made disc holder from the PRO. haha. Thankiu~ It's nice.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gosh. had gone through a thoroughly tough week. I don't know how I got through it. Really thumb up for you huiLi! =D
Here we go,
Monday -Respiratory, Hematological Systems & Therapy
Tuesday - Veterinary Pharmacy Test 1
Wednesday - Veterinary Pharmacy Test 2
Thursday - Medicinary Chemistry

Friends, please be noted that all of these are my weekly routine. These are only small tests comprises of about 15%. Taking 9 subjects this sem, just seems like SPM uh. Hectic. Tests every week until we are ''anaesthetized'' to a level that we don't feel really bad even if we did bad in the tests.

What the hell life I'm having!
Piles of notes to be memorised.
And it's purely MEMORISING!
Testing on your brain capacity.
Not your intelligence!
For Finals, I can foresee that I will go mad, we will go mad.
I got a BIG head. But my brain capacity is limited.
Sigh. XinLi, I wish I can slumber just like you, sleep for 10 hours.
I want to be wild!
Girls, we want to hang out. We want to have pillow talk. We want to have everything other than keep having exam. Possible?? JANGAN HARAP!

thanks a lot for the support,
sorry for all the rejection of invitation,
sorry that I can't find time to fit all these in.
Sad for these.

The torturing week had passed. Let's roar during HOLIDAYS.
Mummy, I will go back for your birdnest uh after I done photo-shooting. Hehe. Praying hard that ticket is still available.
Books, can you just steer clear of my routine for just one week? You're totally annoying!
On the other hand, tests are awaiting us once after we get back from raya holidays. Sigh.
Assignments and Tutorials need to be done. Sigh again.