Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar @ Jalan Ampang

Hi peeps, sorry for the delay (If you’ve been waiting for this post as I mentioned it in previous post).
Alexis was the place I wish to recommend to all of you.
There are several Alexis outlets can be sought in KL which include Jalan Ampang, The Gardens and Bangsar. The Alexis I managed to reached the other day was situated at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. It is located at the ground floor of the mall.Yup, Great Eastern does have a Mall, a surprise finding indeed.

The  attendees who managed to enjoy the great stylish interior, kind & polite hospitality and the most importantly fine dining at Alexis Bistro:
Okay, I don’t know what’s wrong with the uploading, the colour of the image changed, making me looks so pale in here =.=

Alexis is reknowned for its flimsy Pizza, so of course we wouldn’t miss out this. The Pizza which I’ve never seen before, be prepared as I’m going to reveal its name… … …
It is aglio olio e pomodoro (RM25). Nahhh, do you know how to pronounce? Seriously, I don’t know. LOL. It is Italian. Aglio means garlic, olio stands for oil and pomodoro is tomato. So, it simply means Italian Pizza with garlic, olive oil and tomatoes. Interesting? Learning Italian through dining! =)
Now, open your eyes as big as possible, notice the Pizza thickness, or I should say thinness. It is even thinner than a Roti Canai! The culinary piece has to be eaten as soon as it is served and you will enjoy its crispness. The feeling when you crunch on it is sort of like eating a crispy potato chips. I super duper likey this! =) There are several types of Italian Pizza in the menu as well, I bet you wouldn’t want me to mention the culinary names at here (It is a huge long alien language to me and you okay). LOL.

The second delicacy would be the grilled marinated calamari which I mentioned in previous post. Just an appetizer of four little squids at RM 18. Yea, I love edible ocean creatures particularly Crab and Squid. Look, the squids are in good shapes, guess they were well fed before they got caught by fisherman just to fulfill seafood seekers like me. Hehe..

Now, the third cuisine – Tiramisu cake which is a signature afters of the bistro.
Take 1 –Blur

Take 2 – Still Blur =P

Take 3 – Finally =D
The Tiramisu cake is filled with almonds and peanuts on top together with strawberry dip aside. Reviews saying that it is one of the best tiramisu in the town. I’m not a tiramisu seeker, so not sure how true it is but this delicate piece is definitely one of the impeccable cakes I’ve ever tried. It is just a small one at a cost of RM 15. They allow buying of a whole cake which I guess will be real expensive, over hundred. When will I get a full blown to please my sweet tooth??

We ordered shooters just to try out. I enquired the  waiter which one is more suitable for a lady. LOL. Yes, I knew it will be real yuck if it turns out bad. That’s why I need some recommendation from the waiter to ensure that it won’t appear to be a bolt from the blue.

Peach Fix with vodka, peach schnapps and fresh peaches. This was what the waiter recommended.

Meanwhile, David ordered a thin blue line which is… … … … HAHAHAH…

Look at the pretty bluish liquor with a crystal-like shadow at the bottom.

Now, see the outcomes. It was amazing that I managed to finished my peach fix. As you can see he couldn’t. Note the consumption levels, apparently I finished mine and he didn’t. The level in the thin blue line was mostly I drank one lorrr… hahaha… So wild.. The thin blue line was kinda ardent which I could hardly accept too. LOL.

Alexis, this is a place which I can assure you will never regret for going! Love Alexis! Wish to go again! Hand up anyone? =D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Courtesy of Squid-ing =)

Grilled Marinated Calamari with Oregano & Garlic is presented. –Drooling??-  =)

Slice to see whether it is clearly cleaned. Good job, no stuffy internal content. 

Ready to be eaten by a seafood-lover. Proud to die in my mouth? =D

Hmmm..…!!!! Juiciness, Tenderness and Chewiness are crammed down to my throat. Contented! Thumbs up
-To be revealed, Stay tune- Rolling on the floor laughing

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colour of Life

Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth -Quoted by Martin H. Fisher-
It can be described in all sorts of colours implementing the mood and status of the event. A very prominent general example, Red colour during Chinese New Year symbolises something happy and a wonderful brand new beginning. Different colours represent different messages.

Colours reveal one’s personality. Even it is just a colour on the background of your blog or on your clothes, it implies the type of that person is. At the same time, you can also describe a person with just a colour. And I wonder what colour I am? lol.

Red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality

Pink symbolizes: love, beauty

Brown symbolizes: earth, order, convention

Orange symbolizes: vitality with endurance

Gold symbolizes: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom

Yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy

Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being

Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace

Purple symbolizes: Royalty, magic, mystery

Indigo symbolizes: intuition, meditation, deep contemplation

White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness

Black symbolizes: Death, earth, stability

Gray symbolizes: Sorrow, security, maturity

Of course the definitions of the colours are not just limited to the fore mentioned. The same colour can represent two totally antagonistic meaning. Back to the example given, Red can symbolise anger too.

Okay, to be greedy, I want to increase the intensities of all of the colours in my life. Am I trying to be ambitious? LOL. It is just merely a wild thought of mine. I’m officially 22! Yes happy belated birthday to myself =) The time is running out, it doesn’t cease for anyone.
The earth is rotating in a speed that the time seems like deceiving us by giving a false perception of 24 hours per day instead of 1 hour per day in the actual sense! Okay, I’m boosting a lil here. LOL. But time really passed incredibly fast! Now is the end of my third year first sem. It seems like I was just entering the course yesterday.

That’s why I need to fill up the colours before my energy get exhausted, before wrinkles grow on my face, before I have movement disability where travel is hardly possible anymore. And the most important thing is Life shouldn’t be wasted as if it is a free item. You shall eventually discover you don’t own anything worthwhile for the past of your life or less joys to cheer upon at the end of your life. When your kids and your grandsons asking you what did you do when you were young, you will have nothing impressive to share with them or you may end up in faking your facts of life in order to story them something. How pathetic it would be then. So, appreciate every moment of your life now, do something which is not only beneficial to yourself but also being contributive to the population of the Homo Sapiens! It doesn’t matter if it is just a small contribution, it is always the effort counts.

-I fill other’s life with colours, others paint my life too- =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cravings @ Sunway Giza Damansara

Ever heard of 12 inches burger at Cravings? It’s getting hot within the town since the opening of the outlet at Sunway Damansara. It took about 20mins of driving from Petaling Jaya to reach upon the newly opened atrium of delicacy. Thrilling a little bit as we had never been there. However, among the girls, Sue and ChuiHua went there for the first time on the day before for TAO! Yeah, TAO, another buffet cuisine that I’ve been craving for. And again on the following day, they dropped by at the place again just for Cravings on my birthday celebration. =)
Around the Giza itself,there are rows of shop lots from dining to entertainment. What a good place to hang around. While for being main attraction, Sunway Giza is equipped with shopping, leisure and entertainment spots with only a charge of RM1 for its car park fee! =)
We were strolling at only a small compartment of the giza with the view of following:

Guess what, we found i-City at Giza! LOL. So why go i-city?? (as uttered by XinLi) It was the design of another dining outlet at the Giza, just a short distance from Cravings.

The exterior view of Cravings

We ordered 4 main course dishes and a drink for each of everyone of us. Due to the esuriency of the voracious girls, only 2 main courses were managed to be captured in nice pieces. LOL.

And this is our main concern of the day, the 12-inches fella with patties of beef and chicken, fish fillet, toasted chicken ham, beef salami, cheese and tomatoes:

A score of 3.8 out of 5 I will give for this. I only managed to taste on some portion of fish and chicken patties. Not bad though, would like to have another try if got chance but not for others. For me, I would give scores of the following for other main courses that we ordered which were Halloween Dinner (1.5) just merely fried rice (SWT), Treasure of chicken (3.0), Spaghetti (2.5).
There were two drinks which were nice. The one I ordered – Citrus Majito Lemonade with lime, lemon, orange slices and mints leaf in soda. My expression of OHHhh! It’s a big one! =)
Another was the green apple crush ordered by FunWee, though she found the fruit sticker in the drink and the group of health conscious girls were outraged on this as the plasticizer is cancerous! LOL.

Last but not least, how could the stressed pharmacists miss out DESSERTS!! =D
Panna Cotta and Milk Cotta – Italian desserts made by simmering and mixing the cream, milk sugar, gelatine and letting it cool until the pudidng-like dessert set. (That was why we waited for about 30mins just for the desserts) Together a scoop of ice-cream is served. 2.5/5 (Ice cream and strawberry taste better!LOL)

While waiting for desserts,

Doesn’t QingLiang look sexy here? Spot the sexy limb. Woww O.o… XD
The attendees: From top to bottom, Qingliang Sue XinLi ChuiHua LaiHui FunWee KyYing

Another memorable evening with sweet and lovely girls, Yea, all girls. =D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tribute to Dearest Mom

Just received a call from my mami! She was trying to reach me just for my birthday wish.
Early birthday wish?? Nope, today is actually my birthday in Lunar calendar which I don’t even recall that Yes, it’s today.
Been promising her that I’ll try to go back for the ninth emperor celebration , but still not able to do so eventually as all the presentations, tests and assignments all popping out on these final weeks! =( Sorry mom!

This was her first time visiting KLCC. She insisted to have a glimpse at this wonderful symbolic building of Malaysia and we took her on LRT which was also the very first time she boarded on that. As you can see, she was so overjoyed with the stroll, enthusiastic in hugging both of her beloved daughters while snapping pictures. =) She is my greatest mom who willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the Family, more than sacrifices that can be uttered by words. She took every of her child to school every day by bike, the only transportation she familiars with, even if there was a rain. She fed all the children on their basis needs all alone during those days dad was not around with us. She worked extraordinarily hard in order to give us better livings.
And now, I miss home, everything at home, including her.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Like It On

I like it on the neck. =o

I like it on his thigh! XD

I like it on the beach.

I like it on the park.

And he likes it on the floor. =D

And you likes it on ??
-Support Breast Cancer Awareness- =)