Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simple Skincare Ambassador Finalists Exclusive Hi-Tea @ ‘F’ by Buffalo Kitchens

Just few weeks ago, I posted the entry to Simple Skincare Facebook page, UK’s no. 1 facial skincare brand. Just happened to bump into this contest coincidentally when I first discovered their Facebook page. With just a photo and basic details, I submitted the entry without thinking much just to see if I can get the luck pot. =)

Just before I get to know about the contest, I had a tough time dealing with my personal stuffs, you can actually see my previous post entry which I wrote on Simplicity of Life and Smile to Embrace the Problems. That was part of the reasons I submitted the entry as the idea of Simple Skincare was just so close to what was being expressed in my mind.

And there, I wrote this as the reason of being a Simple Skincare Facebook Ambassador:

Knowing a fact that life can be intricate sometimes, posing challenges to us physically, emotionally and spiritually. It takes a huge courage to counter all the odds and stand up after stumbled over the pebbles which hinder your path. Therefore, Simple is definitely more than just a skin care product; it is also a tool to remind people to Live Life Simple. At the time when your life is messed up and scrambled upside down, be glad for you still have Simple which warms your heart and shows you the SIMPLICITY THAT GIVES HAPPINESS. I might not be the perfect person but I just want to be a SIMPLE person.    

♥ Simple Goodness ♥

simple TOP 10

There the result was announced and I was honoured as one of the Top 10 finalists! That’s pure luck mann~~!! I guess God wanted to shower me with his affection when I was stuck in a deep shit hole. Blessed! Then, I was invited to the exclusive Hi-Tea held at 'F' by Buffalo Kitchens which is located at Bangsar (Just opposite Bangsar Village). I was allowed to bring one special guest with me. Most of my friends had gone back to their beloved hometown as it was our semester break. Guess, who was with me? =D

Also thanks to my dear sister who lent her car to me, so I get to drive to the event. weee~


The entrance of Buffalo Kitchens, with the dress code of white colour as ordered by the organisor.

A board stand right in front of the entrance with the notice of the temporal service discontinuation just for Simple Skincare Exclusive Event =)

The interior of Buffalo Kitchens, just a few pictures taken:

Sorry, no Buffalo spotted. LOL. Only pans were spotted hanging over the ceiling.

The finalists were given a questionaire sheet each to be answered before the event ended.

The event then started off with a brief talk from a dermatologist – Mr. Nadzri giving an overview about taking care of our skin. The dermatologist has a skin like an adult of early 20’s! But I bet his age is definitely over 30!!


The contestants and guests were attentive to his words.

Dr.Nadzri was interacting with the contestants. You can see, he was talking to me at that moment, questioning where I come from. When he started the conversation, he actually asked why I was like so shy??!! LOL. Seriously, I was kind of paiseh la in the event. But thanks to the caring organisor who managed to think of allowing a guest to tag along with us =)   (Photo courtesy of Simple Skincare)



Following that, it was a live facial demonstration by the Simple Skincare facial consultant – Ms. Rachel. A very quick and easy demonstration to show us how to clear the face in a proper way and how to apply the products.


Soon after the photography session, we began our sumptuous hi-tea cordially prepared by Buffalo Kitchens.

We love the Latte! Taste as good as it looks =) Thanks Simple!

Nice Hi-Tea they’ve got. Buffalo Kitchens is definitely a good place for peers gathering!! Looking forward to visit again to taste their main course. It must be F delicious! =)

A snap by the event photographer – The finalists and their guests.



Prize giving ceremony for the Top 10 Finalists.

jessie and gift copy


Here is the confidante – Tze Wei. Aha! She has a supermodel height and of course with a pretty face. The organisor actually thought she was one of the finalists. Hah! My honour to have her as Jessielin’s guest (She is my asset, I’m hers as well. Heh!)

The organisor also prepared a small gift for my guest as well. A travel pack of Simple Skincare products.


And here is me with my gifts. Wondering what are in the pretty bag?

Check this out. A whole range of Simple Skincare products for each and everyone of the Top 10 finalists. Thanks to the sponsor =)

Do you see the black colour face wash for men? That’s for my brother~ Yay! He will definitely overjoy with this!

I’m gonna end this sweet post with some group snapshots, hope you all enjoy reading =)

247181_10150191459274117_242471659116_6970057_4775619_n copy

The Top 10 finalists will be competing for the ultimate Simple Skincare Facebook Ambassador, voting period from 6 june to 24 june 2011. Here is the link for the voting, just click “LIKE” at Simple Skincare Facebook Page and then click “LIKE” at my photo (Jessie Lin Hui Li) if you wish to give lil support to me =)))

Thanks Simple for this memorable piece