Monday, February 22, 2010

This is defintely NOT ME!!

24 hours ago... ... ...

I'm 21 years old :

After 24 hours... ... ...

I'm 18 years old :


I get my hairs permed.

And he gave me a cute look!!!

***rub eyes***OMG.

I cannot accept this.
Please don't laugh at me.
Hahaha... I know it's funny.
I never cry for my hairs, as whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I will burst into laughter too. Muahahaha...

(Sorry, I can't show you how I look like when my hairs are not tied up. LOL)


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Changing Faces

Our grand UM Pharmacy Night 2010 came to the full stop.
The night was awesome. Even the sponsors commented that they had never came across such a wonderful night organised by students with all sorts of great performances.
Yeah, seriously everybody had their jaw dropped seeing those well-planned programmes, me as well. Of course I did contribute in that too wor~~ Kinda proud~woah.
I took part as the fashion show model with all the other 20 models. After preparing for almost three months, finally we were on the stage with our very own pieces of design. Aha... see, this is my design. =D

Some other great designs are displayed as following. I really wanna to give a big clap to all of us as putting in enormous effort in making the fashion show a successful one.

Professional makeup artists from School of Beauty were hired to transform the performers into City of Hot Sexy Gorgeous. Haha. Here was my makeup artist-Nicole and my hairdresser as well. It was embarrassing that I almost dozed off when she was busy putting those palette colours on my face. Haha. And guess what.. I had frightened her when my sensitive eyes couldn’t stand any longer for the makeup and stream of tears dropping from my eyes. Haha. I’m so sorry.

The 2009 pharmnight.

The 2010 pharmnight.

There I realise I’m here at where I belong to eventually. The pharmacy department, second year undergraduate, who is striving hard for her future. And then I met HER, HIM, THEM, US. The faces are changing days by days but what still remain the same is the soul of fighting, studying hard and working out of the best to excel in everything we do. Yah, that’s the spirit we need in pharmacy in order to survive. Continuous hard work, midnight oil, piles of notes, unlimited continuous assessments which making us suffocating sometimes. Oopsss, how about love life? Hahaha…Sad to say, we hardly have love life with all the notes bumping into our daily routines. Aih.

See, this was during my first year of study.

After traversing mountainous barrier, I have transformed into this… Spot the tired face owing to the midnight oil…I’m growing older mann~~Noooo~~

And then the special girl who I met since I stepped into the world of Pharmacokinetics SideEffects Contraindication DrugInteraction.

And this is how the time did to us…

In addition to that…some handsome and pretty faces in our batch. Phew wee~~

Khairuzzaman-Not available~haha.

Lim Xinli- Still available. In an open relationship perhaps??haha…

The buddy line as well… SiewYan who chose MeiJin, Meijin who chose me, and hengwah whom I chose. There, the destiny links us together. People, do you believe in destiny? I believe what’s yours it will come to you eventually. =)

From the left, MeiJin, SiewYan, HengWah and me

Haha and not forgetting the graduated buddy who is also my very own sister. Yea, mom and dad got two daughters who taking the same course. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Haha.

From the left, SiewYan, HuiSzu, MeiJin, and me

Time flies. We shall appreciate what we have gained so far. I guess everybody is getting mature nowadays. I treasure every moment of being with you all-fancy classmates, caring buddies and cobuddies, charismatic seniors, and innocent first year, wise lecturers as well and all the others special one. Not forgetting the old one, my ex-classmates, roommates, friends, colleagues etc. All these pieces are going to be fitted together into my great puzzle.

Life is wonderful. If I get lost one day, please pull me back my dear friends. =D

Quote of the day:
Confidence is a must
Happiness is a plus
Edginess is a rush

All the best everyone =)