Thursday, November 26, 2009

3D animation of Christmas Carol directed by Robert Zemeckis

Having watching the movie Christmas Carol. Yes, to be frank, it was a boring movie for me. lolx. But the wonderful part is it was three-dimensional. Love it!! =) It was my first encounter of 3D motion picture. *Hug and appreciation* Is this considered an early exposure to the coming christmas? Then I wish the coming christmas will be awesome. People commented that Singapore Christmas is great. Can I go??=(

I was kinda blur and confused and had a grim struggle to understand the whole plot as I never come across this Charles Dickens’s classic tale before. There was no english translation at the bottom of the huge screen and I found it hard to catch the conversation. Humiliated. It was like a three years old kid watching cartoons by merely seeing those nice pictures and animation. And I can only have full understanding of the story after reading the synopsis. =(

Anyway, the story is kinda touching telling about Christmas Eve of EbenezerScrooge (JimCarrey) visited by ghost of his former moneylending business partner JacobMarley and three spirits namely Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come who guided him to repent and start anew after the eye-opening journey.

The 3D experience was great. The whole thing was like a motion in front of your eyes and you feels like yourself are truly into the movie. I flied and I touched the snow. Woah. Do you believe that?! But be prepared that you may feel some dizziness as the whole thing goes round and round.

Different versions of the movie posters

Is me in the theater 24 with the technology which makes 3D possible =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

House & Home. Where I found peace

Hehe. Guess what? The clock is pointing at 2.35am.
Why still awake?? Studying mar~~ lolx.
What a diligent girl right??
You're nuts if you think what I write is true. Haha.
Being at the living room of my lovely warm house. Alone.
Haha. Yea, you says I should sleep now. Haha. But I just ... ... ... just let me be. lolx.
I'm sleepy yet strange strength keep me going for this. lol. Blogging~
Haha. Mom just reached for me moment ago.
She was shocked that I havent get into sleep.
And she handed over the birdnest for me. Yea, yummy yummy. Thanks mom.
Spent for a long journey to get home, waited at pudu for one hour for the stupid Konsortium bus.
One hour eh people. damn frustrated over this and I still very dislike that place.
The whole air is soaking with vehicle smoke and cigarrette smoke, beggers and rubbish everywhere, hot, sweating, shouting here and there ''Johor Bahru Johor Bahru, Penang Butterworth Penang Butterworth~~''
Hey, you people made my head so heavy and the bus driver made me feel dizzy all the way. Do you know how to drive properly?? hmpk.
The bus didn't passby my house where normally I can get down at the roadside and walk to my house in just a few steps. They changed route. This is troublesome.
The feeling of getting home is great.
I love the phrase of the song in ending of BOLT, which sounds like this:
There's no home like the one you got because that home belongs to you.
Mom and bro are happy with my return.
Yea, especially the small boy. Why he is so happy for his sis's return??
Because... ... ... his sis is bringing back the lappy and he can online adding those pretty girls in facebook and watch PPS. lolx.
Well, looking forward for the interesting holidays.
Doesn't plan for travelling throughtout this holidays.
Guess it's due to the reason of no companion. Not like how it goes previously where I have my sis as my companion.
I realise that I quite dependent on my sis in some circumstances. Hmmm.... The girl is away, a far long way to the east coast - Terengganu for working. A totally new and strange environment to her. Life isn't easy at that place I know. She can cope with it. Yes I know, because we are the daddy and mummy's girls right. Hopefully can pay her a visit this holidays. Her bf just offered me the travel to reach for her in the afternoon. I wish for it too.
Anyway, it's time to get my mattress and blanket.
Finally I can sleep 12 hours and wake up without alarm.
Oopppsss...nono...have a gathering tomorrow noon. aiyar, can't strike the 12. T.T
Sigh. Whatever. Sleep tight and good nite.