Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The art of ''express delivery'' =D

Jessie Lin never talks because she is anticipating all the while
until she's being turned down one by one.
She knows what's going on but she just keeps ignoring treating everything is fine.
Even if the problem is being pointed out, she still escapes.
Why she behaves like this.
What could she says?
Everything seems to make sense.
Yes, is her fault that she never shows up.
I assume thing to be this way.
You assumes thing to be in your own way.
You got your own way, and I got mine too.
And there we never bring the issue out.
And some issues are sensitive which people dare not to bring it out.
But those sensitive issues are the vital issues, the determinants of everything.
… Uncertainty …
Is something that out of your prediction.
None of the answer YES or NO.
Luring you to draw a step backward.
Yes, Jessie Lin does always suppress herself during critical condition which is actually not a good way.
She doesn’t get the strength to express I guess.
She thought if she bears everything deep inside her own, then everything will be fine.
But in most circumstances, things do not go like the way as she hopes.
Talk or let time blows it away?
When the time getting longer, maybe I can adapt to all of these?
Until the time she gets this: Adapt to what it has always been the way like this, and which she doesn’t wish to be like this.
The calmness and the stable condition are real or just a cloud which hides the storm all the while?
She really needs to learn the proper way of expressing.

To the angel who can hear her =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Starter of 2010

People, I’m passionate in telling you this.
<<JessieLin’s misfortune>> =(
Well, it all started since yesterday.

Scene 1:Saturday, 1100, at Café.
Jessie : Nasi lemak ade tak pakcik?
Pakcik: Hari ni tak ade nasi lemak la hanya ada goreng-goreng je.
Jessie: Nasi campur?
Pakcik: Hari ni tak ade nasi campur juga.
Jessie: Oooo~~
Fine, ended up with nothing, went back to my room, boiled the water and served myself a cup of instant noodles.
1230, good news came. Sister phoned me and invited me for lunch. Yeah thank god although I have had noodles. Following that, we were heading to Meng Kee CharSiew at Glenmarie together with her lovely boyfriend. Rapturous applause to them, thanks them so much, without them I wouldn’t have tried so much delicacies. Moreover, the charsiew was treated by them as they knew I’M POOR. LOL. The restaurant is well-known for its charsiew and gets published in newspapers for quite a number of times as we could see from the articles pasted on the wall. The charsiew is not bad, kinda crispy and it tastes good but a little bit oily. Just my personal view. If you're a charsiew lover then you will definitely love it I guess.

Scene 2:
Saturday, 1630, in my room.
I was sms-ing to order vegetarian food delivery.
Jessie : Deep fried butter prawn rice one set. UT XXXX
Veggy : Today doesn’t have butter prawn. change to what rice?
Jessie : Change to ham fried rice. UT XXXX
Veggy : Sorry! ham fried rice also not available.
Jessie : TomYam fried rice??
Veggy : Don’t have.
FINE. I was giggling. Hey, people, what’s wrong?? What I have done? Do you want to do this to me? Godness.
Seriously, I doesn’t get furious over this, I’m just can’t stop laughing at my "sueyness". Then, I ended up with soda biscuits. Thing doesn’t end just like this. Come readers, continue catching up with my interesting story.

Scene 3:
Sunday, 0930, in my room again
I was sending text message to order delivery again.
1230, a message came in with the content: Sorry, today we rest one day.
Well, fine. No big deal. Instant noodles again. =)
1330, sister invited me for mcDonalds. I rejected since I have had INSTANT NOODLES. And I’m BROKE, haha, no mcD please. That’s a luxury for my current situation. LOL.

Scene 4:
(p/s: Scene 4 will be a little bit long. Please don’t get bored with this)
Sunday, 1300, still in my room
I sms-ed kaisiang to find out whether he can get me some food for dinner. But he was replying late and I thought he wasn’t around, probably still at his hometown. Then, I asked eunice. Eunice also had instant noodles as lunch due to the sudden ffk (a.k.a fong fei gei) and she said she will figure out either to walk or to ask somebody to get us dinner. Then kaisiang replied me saying that he will be going out if there’s no rain. On the other hand, eunice managed to borrow a bike where she and her roomate will be going out to dapao later.

Then, how?? So, we decided to ask kaisiang to dapao for all of us. Two sets of sweet sour pork rice and one set of hakka mee. =) Woah. Happy =). Until kaisiang replied this: "Walao de… I am going jogging. You think I am shopping ar… only this time. You come my house take la when I miss call you. "

We felt sorry for him and decided to settle ourselves. So, eunice and her roomate were going out to dapao again. At 1630, eunice told me that her roomate will not be going, and she asked me to ride the bike. Well, okay, no problem thus, we set the time at 1800 to meet up and depart.
(p/s: guys, don’t be surprised, yes I have motorbike license although you thinks I doesn’t look like knowing how to ride. Haha)

We went out earlier since the sky looked gloomy as if it’s going to rain heavily. We spent a long time at the carpark trying hard to figure out how to overcome all these: firstly, the starter, secondly, the seater lock, thirdly, the tyre lock. SWEAT. Why so many steps eh?? Done, and we speed to reach the destination. Once reached, get order. Everything was done as fast as we could. Just when we were getting done, OMG, the rain dropped as if it intended to get us stuck.

Godness~~!!! It rained cats and dogs~!!! So, we rushed back in rain once the rain subsided a little bit. We were trembling like nobody else since it was damn cold as the wind blowing at us when the vehicle was moving. So, what I’ve got myself?? Yeah, dessert and cheongfun. It seems nice right. Yeah dessert indeed.

Guess what, my ice of the dessert had turned into this:

WATER!!! =.=

I can’t believe that this is my first post of 2010. Thought of blogging about last year and the New Year resolution just before the moment I stepped out for dapao.

Things are unpredictable. I wanna shout :
"A" bad day??
Bad DAYS perhaps.