Friday, April 23, 2010

Studious Nerd

This is how I study

Note the dark circles.

For the very first paper. And I was studying Hyperthyroidism. And a friend appeared on my mind. Hope you will be doing well, take care of yourself. =)

And now, the another coming pharmacology paper-AMAN. Wonder what it stands for?
AMAN-Antimicrobial & Antineoplastic, in the order words, it's antibiotics and anticancer drugs.
This will be the killer paper. The only 3 credit hours paper while the others are just 2 credit hours. Totally not AMAN at all!!!
Now I'm half way to the end of the finals. God bless me. I'm getting feeble.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

When I just miss those days

Hellooooo bloggy is me your pretty lazy master again who suppose to study for her finals but she is here for you to story you her weekend instead =S
Hahaha... ...
The past weekend was just awesome. Hehe.
As to celebrate for the winner of "Grammy award" - David Ooi, Here is the stalker. LOL

Congratulation babi. haha. Wish you will have more and more best award ahead.
And we went here :
Tata~~~~ BACKOFEN!! I found you =)

It is an austrian dining located at Desa Sri Hartamas. The restaurant is cozy and serene as you can see from the pic below and I just fall in love with it at the first sight ^__^

Why I post this photo?? Can't you spot those muscular tall handsome ang mo??? Haha... Handsome handsome. Hiak hiak. =P

If you think Backofen is just a famous austrian bakery consists of only baking cakes and bread, then you're wrong. There are variety of cuisine available in the menu and they are all at reasonable prices. These were those ordered.

Grilled chicken which cost only 13 bucks. O.o Yes, it's just 13 and it tastes like how it looks!! Yummy!!

This is the chicken chop which is hot and together with the smashed potatoes which is cold. Hot n Cold Katy Perry. First time tried smashed potatoes in cold sensation and it taste good in my mouth. And again it came at 13 bucks =D

and last but not least, picked an Italian cake from the assortment of cakes.
It was really a full and hearty meal as suggested in their page. <3
I strongly recommend you all this restaurant especially if you are seeking for a place for two to talk. =)

The one in black. Your tanned skin just match the wall. Hahaha...

Apart from all these, let me introduce you a funky restaurant which you most probably had tried before =)
Why I called it as ''funky''??
When you see all these pic below you will know, please pay attention to the messages written:

Do you realise the mischievous and a little sordid trick of the restaurant??
I salute the founder who can think of these ways link to their food and entertain their customers. Brilliant. And the drinks are bottomless make it a good place to sit down and chit-chat as long as you want =D

Some cam-whore done in Carl's Juniors. Promote for single-ness. LOL

It was nichii again where I spot this. Hehe.

Nice?? I love it and guess what, it is actually a jump-suit but it looks like a dress here O.o
And I just love its top =)
I'm a shopholic, the problem is just that... I don't have $$$ =(
And I wish to get myself this:

Yes, CheongSam =) When can I get you fit on my body??
Okaayyyy babe~~ Jessie Lin please study!!! T^T

-End at 0140-