Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Malacca Town

A town where I used to live for months
One of the state which I like the most
A small historical town with great old memories

Malacca Daylife

bicycle rickshaw

Malacca Food
Jonker's Potato Chips

Jonker's Crispy Egg Tarts

He Ji's Chicken Rice Ball

Malacca Street

Micheal Jackson Alive =D

Malacca Straits

Malacca Heritage

Malacca Sunset

Malacca Nightlife

The new memories instilled =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Green Lung grassroots movement

UM Green Lung Capacity Building Workshop 2010 was held at Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam from 23rd to 25th june 2010. The objectives of this workshop are to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and techniques related to tobacco control and to develop leadership as well as foster a stronger rapport among the participants.

The reason why Taman Pertanian Malaysia was chosen to be the venue of this workshop is because of its nature entity with the lush greeneries. The participants were able to get closer to the mother nature and experienced a different kind of homestay. The traditional long houses at Kg.Idaman which can accommodate 10 people each were rented. The long houses were well equipped with living room with a television, sleeping room, kitchen and a bathroom. The whole event expenses which include accommodation, team building activities (Skytrex), food, hall rental and audio system were fully sponsored by Malaysia Health Promotion Board. The participants needn't to pay a cent except the GreenLung T-shirt which costs rm21.

Pak Ujang Negeri Sembilan Long House

Candid shot of the group

On the 23rd,

Upon reaching

after the arrival and registration of participants, an ice breaking session was conducted. The first task given was called Silly Name. The participants were required to introduce themselves together with an adjective starting with the first alphabet of their names. Eg. I'm Holy gorgeous HuiLi (Hahaha~ this is so thick face yea I know. LOL). Then the next person need to greet the previous person/s who had introduced him/herself. So, the last person of the group actually need to remember every adjective and name of the group members.

The second task was fashion design related to cigarette or tobacco control by using merely newspapers. These were the designs done by the participants within 10 mins~ Woah =)

Following that, we had a simple opening ceremony and multimedia presentation to officiate the workshop. Then, there were discussion and evaluation of our past activities as well as introductory session of GreenLung. In this session, the participants not only get exposed to the progress of the GreenLung team, but also understand better about the background of the organization.

For this three days' workshop, we had talks on ''The importance of pharmacist in treating tobacco/nicotine dependence'' by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haniki, ''Treating smokers with Champix'' by Dr.Kamlanathan Kodiappan and Methods in grant application by Health Promotion Board. As usual, people get bored with talks. So, a small tips for those who want to organize a talk, try to have a motivational talk or informative talk rather than an educative talk and think of ways to make the talk interesting through vision and audio stimulation.

Token of appreciation for Dr.Nathan from Pfizer Company

Speech delivery session from Dr. Haniki

After the talk, there was discussion of future plans for UM GreenLung where the participants need to brainstorm the activities to be organised throughout the next year. This session was carried out using VIPP (Visualization In Participatory Programs) method which is a very useful method to facilitate communication and encourage generation of ideas from every participants. Participants were required to pen their ideas on pieces of paper provided and pasted on the board. Then the facilitators clustered the ideas accordingly where similar ideas were grouped together.

At last, there were 4 topics which were Youth Conference, GreenLung Carnival, Branding and Promotion to be prepared and presented by the participants. The participants were divided into 4 groups where each of the group in-charged of one topic. The participants were required to envision the program by using mahjong paper applying the 12 steps design. The 12 steps design is a technique which you can use to develop and design a plan or proposal for your activities. Beside that, the participants need to perform a scenario acting about the problem that will be encountered when organising the program suggested.

Apart from all the formal stuffs, the youthful youngsters need to get wild and be spiced with excitement okkk~XD So, Team Building activities were here to to hit the objective of this workshop which is to foster a close rapport among participants. There were two team building activities. During TB 1, the participants were required to capture photos and record video clips according to the tasks given. Some creative and hilarious production of the pretties and handsomes are as following:

Task: A photo that shows UM GREEN LUNG


Task: The whole team stands in a BATHTUB while the WATER IS RUNNING

Task: The whole team SINGING A SONG with FUNNY ACTIONS in front of a restaurant

Task: A MONKEY is trying to climb a COCONUT PALM

Meanwhile, during TB 2, we had Skytrex which served humongous Fear Factor. Breathtaking Flying Fox, Horizontal Challenge, Ladder climbing and etc as high as 22 metres off the ground make your facial experession goes grostesque. Minimum requirement for each time slot during weekdays is 25 pax. This means that if you have a group less than 25 people, then I'm sorry the Skytrex operators won't entertain you.

All of these constitute the three days' workshop. Thanks to all the committee and participants who are willing to spend their time and effort to make this workshop unforgettable. To clarify, tobacco control issue or GreenLung isn't the usual serious dull stuff we want to raise up at here. GreenLung is trying to gather the youth to advocate for smoke free environment through exciting and youthful steps. We enjoy playing while spreading the right message to the public. So, join the force and contribute ideas to spam GreenLung programs with hilarious and stunning grassroots movement to reach out for the public.

Lin Hui Li
-Support A Tobacco Free Environment-
UM Green Lung official facebook group