Monday, April 25, 2011

Study Week

Study week, the week for final exams preparation.

Within this period,

Computeryou shall see students are more active in “face book”.

Hand up, Yes, I’m one of them. And now, you can even see me posting this nonsense blog post though piles of notes awaiting me.


Rolling on the floor laughingyou shall see more students in study room / library.

I used to study in library of Faculty of Law as it was near to my hostel back in my first year.

Another option was AIA, the study room of first residential college.

Reason? I love air-cond. I’m bored to study alone.

“Diligently studying at Law Fac Library, photo taken by Sue – 2009 – ”



Moving out of the college, I gotta study all alone in my “luxurious” single room.

Okay, to be honest, this can be lonely sometimes.

Sometimes, I wish to have roomates too, the type of roomates like what I had in college.

They are just lovely and caring.

They helped me to clear my study table while they cleaning up the room.

Okay, I’m the nasty kind who just leave the notes on the page where I last stop and crawl to bed. haha. This is not the main reason I miss them though.

When we studied till so tired and saturated, we recharged ourselves by hanging around the residential compound, walking all the way to other colleges to have supper, dating at small mart to have ice cream etc.

How badly I wish to have these indulgence now.


Bowlyou shall see differences in your body behavior compared to normal days.

Surprisingly, these days my stomach growling for food during the study!

There, I had McD at 12 midnight! O.o

When luck is good, I get food.

When luck is nowhere seen? Answer just simple - get no food.

Home is the best place to be where you can always seek something from fridge or kitchen to fill up your desire.

And the pimples are appearing too. =(

How I wish I could just pinch and punch you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Test Team

Yay!! Claimed Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus 30 ml from Mid Valley counter.

Back to 2 weeks ago, I came across the product test team recruitment on Clinique facebook page and simply filled up the online application form to try my luck. The applicants would need to submit a close up photo during the application. Scrambled through the photo album and this was what I had submitted. Hah. Close up enough? lol. Freaking close.


Spread the recruitment news to several friends as well, but SzeYin said aiyo, they sure select those auntie auntie old ladies as it is meant for wrinkles and fine lines. I agreed too at that moment so wasn’t pay any hope for it since then. But hey, young people like me does have fine lines too =(  Hopefully they ain’t premature wrinkles.

The lines become evidently visible when I smile hard – This is what we called OVER-expression. lol. Show you another close up ugly picture of which the fine lines appear to be so annoying. OMG. Notice the lines at the corner of eye tip. Terrible =( Sign of aging???

_MG_6012Ok, don’t laugh at me, go see yourself in the mirror, you probably would have too Smile with tongue out


Even if I don’t smile, lines still evident on some parts of the face. Notice the lines under the cheek area around the mouth. =(



Few days after, the selection was announced. To my surprise, my name appeared in the list of 30 applicants selected which made me go WOW, floating on the cloud 9 =))) This is so lucky! Btw, I’m the second youngest among the list. lol.


Source : Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Test Team Announcement



So, what does this product claims to offer? As stated in the insert:

Nerd smileIt combats WRINKLES and enhances skin’s ELASTICITY.

Thinking smileSTRIKING reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles IN JUST 4 WEEKS.

Surprised smileThe LENGTH, DEPTH and NUMBER will be significantly and visibly reduced.

Be right backSkin TEXTURE will improve as photo damage is repaired.

Party smileSkin’s future is BRIGHTER because antioxidants impede future damage.


Will start my testing of 28 days soon. Hopefully the changes are promising and I shall give a very good review for it =)

Check out after this. See ya!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wong Fu Production

Uploaded by WongFuProductions on Apr 20, 2011 Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable.

It pointed out important lessons.

Some people think arguments make better understanding ; some just can’t tolerate with the arguments at all.

Some choose to hold tight ; and some choose to give up.

Whatever it is, we learn and grow up.

Be appreciative. Be understanding. Be calm assertive. Be mature. Be kind. Be wise.

Never take for granted.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There was this man I met today when I was waiting for lift at my residence floor.

An indian or Punjabi most probably, ran out of the lift in rush and shouted “Atas Atas!”

I took a second to process what he was trying to tell me.

There I realised he meant that the lift was going up (I was pressing the lift to get down instead)

Then, just within 3 seconds, he ran back in the lift again and smiled widely to me.

I was smiling as well.

A thinking imparted the mind:

The punjabi was just a newspaper delivering boy, but just by delivering the papers,

I see a kind of unexplainable contentment and happiness reflected.

He rushed in and out just to compete with the lift speed and get the papers delivered and entered the lift again before it closed so that he could target the next floor!

At that moment, I got envious.  The simplicity of life which gives happiness.

But often, the simplicity exists at the first place, at the nil point when thing just begins. Then, it is slowly diminished until it is only noted when thing has proceeded far away.

- Live life simple -

Sunday, April 10, 2011

For I owe the world a smile.

There are 4 ways to face a problem:

1. Solve it.

2. Let it sprawl.

3. End it.

4. Escape from it.

Which do you pick most in your life?


Wise man solves it.

Useless man let it sprawl.

Insecure man ends it.

Coward escapes from it.


I said four. Do you really think there are only four?

The one who only follow will follow blindly the pre-determined principles.

There are always more options for you.

There, you know what I picked?

EMBRACE The Problem and =)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


There I was with the dearest mama at Thean Hou temple. Just wanna bring her to some places as she was getting bored at my place. >.< We took taxi, on the way up to the hill, I just realised how secluded it was the place and been thinking how would we suppose to get down afterwards?? You just can’t spot any taxi or bus there! Holy!

Thank god that a group of Iranian travellers offered us a bus ride and dropped us at Times Square. The Iranian tour guide was so friendly that she kept calling me as her friend and telling me it might be god’s kind deed to help us get down from the hill. =)

To my surprise, Malaysia Pavillion exhibited at the World Expo was partly translocated here. There wasn’t much crowd that day as it wasn’t those big day for the chinese. If it is during the first day or the fifteenth day of chinese lunar calendar, you can see throngs of people coming in.

30032011384 copy

The temple looks simply divine with delicate carvings. Love the place so much and it was portrayed to me as if I was at somewhere around China =)

I told mom it was my first time been to there.

And mama said she had been there since she carried me during her pregnancy! It means I had been here since I was few months old. Hehe. No wonder I felt soothing with the place. =)

30032011387 copy


I’m not superstitious but I strongly feel that human beings need to have belief to make them stand during the tough time. When human doesn’t comfort you during the deepest shit hole you’re in or when one feels helpless, belief is what you can opt for, choosing to lean on God. It doesn’t matter whether it is Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism or any religion. It is the place where tired soul leans on, it is where people get inspired and motivated to keep on moving.

merge 4

The divination:

(29) Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Whatever adverse circumstances you are in, they will soon fade away. Be patient, bide your time for the advent of bright and promising days now gradually within sight.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The husky wife

199139_10150142020660047_534625046_6996667_6530055_n copy

Dear dollarlin is now one year old. Handsome? ^^ A lot of doggie lovers grow fond of him; a lot of friends been freaked out by him too



Been searching for a suitable wifey for him.

What I was holding is not young pup dollar.

Yea, it is his future wifey candidate. lolx.


A six-month-old pup at sepang. It took us 2 hours journey to reach sepang from my place, accompanied by mom and sis’s bf. The pup is VERY VERY VERY CUTEEeeeee!!! Just don’t wanna to let it go after I had it in my hands. >.<

Its eyes are bi-coloured with right black eye and left blue eye. Don’t worry, some breeds of husky do have such combination, it is definitely normal yet special.

Sadly, it is not the ultimate dollar’s fiancĂ©e. Parents rejected this pup as feeling its owner was not sincere in the dealing, lack of trustworthiness. The lil poor pups were separated from its maternal care. We didn’t even meet its parents. 4 babies husky were given birth, but one of them died with unclear reason. Thereby, we are of concern on the pup’s health and reproductivity.

Friday, April 1, 2011

6R33N 1UN6

IMG_1568 copy copy

In conjunction with Green Lung upcoming event namely SayWhat 2011, this campaign is launched to make an impact to the society on par with Green Lung’s ultimate aim to advocate for a smoke free environment. It is opened to everyone, yea, I mean it is YOU, all of you all over the world. Let’s fight for better health, better environment to live in; just like how we fight for breast cancer, support Earth Hour, support Japan earthquake victims etc. It is another effort within your capability by just snapping a picture of yourself with your nose and mouth covered. Tag it with 6R33N 1UN6. Then, upload your photo(S) of whims and fancies to the world wide web (by means of blog,webpage etc). Let the voice be heard and there’s a future of cigarette smoke-free world awaiting us. Make an impact NOW Smile Spam the web with covered face!!!

You can also post your photo to the link below:

6R33N 1UN6

Source of 6R33N 1UN6 Facebook Page