Thursday, January 29, 2009

I consider this as my First Year of Pharmacy in UM

I would like to blog something about MPMUM today...
want to blog about this once after the MPMUM was over...
but due to timing, I can only blog now...^^
kinda busy recently, sorry for the late update...
but I'm really enthusiastic in blogging about this.
MPMUM---Majlis Perwakilan Mahasiswa Universiti Malaya
was held on 15th to 19th january 2009 in UM to select student representatives among the university students.
I took part as candidate representative(wakil calon) for Yah Huei(calon).
We ran for the campaign with other 5 more representatives.
Basically, there are divided into two major parties, Pro-Uni(now named as Penggerak Mahasiswa; previously known as Aspirasi) and another is Pro-Mahasiswa.
I stand out as the Pro-Mahasiswa...
Pro-Uni had taken over the administration for the past four years.
Throughout the whole MPMUM, I saw, felt, and learnt a lot...
MPMUM is the best event that I'm glad that I've taken part since all the while I've been in UM.
We saw how students unite for UM, for Pro-Mahasiswa...
We saw how the students worried of losing their residences in colleges and cast their votes simply to Pro-Uni...and steered clear of Pro-Mahasiswa totally!some even more awful, straight away boycott candidate of Pro-Mahasiswa~
There are still many tricky occurences that you and I don't even know it.
as what my dad had mentioned---POLITICS is dreadful~
if I never took part in this, I never know how's the ''core'' of UM.
if I wasn't take part, I will probably just simply casting the votes...
just tick all the chinese candidates? or just tick at the only candidate that I know her/him?
haha...yup...I will probably do the same as what you did~
but I felt it and saw it...I'm glad that I'm Pro-Mahasiswa.
Different people have different perspectives...I'm here not to assure any people...
I'm here to share what I've gained thorugh MPMUM.
My eyes assure me...
and I hope what had occurred and what you're getting to know will assure you~
That day we stayed at DTC until 5am just to wait for the election result...
I had a class at 8am afterwards eh~salute myself~ B-)
We all were soooo overjoyed and touched when Pro-Mahasiswa finally won the election!!after four years!!
Thanx god...hope Pro-Mahasiswa will lead for the wise.
Hope UM can be recognised again as the top 100 when I graduate in 2012 ^^

an article from guang ming daily press

remember yahoo, remember Yah Huei^^

candidates of Pro-Mahasiswa 2008/2009

three superb candidate representatives~haha...

Yah Huei and her representatives^^

Press conference at twelve residential college

was distributing manifesto near main library bus stop

Monday, January 12, 2009








***SLAP (X3)***

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Countdown 2009

My first ever post of 2009!!!
Happy New Year to all of you out there~
Last year I went Sunway, and this year I went The Curve for the countdown celebration~~
With TzeWei, Weiven and JingHan~
There was nice!!Rynn Lim Yu Zhong was performing at there!!Really excited~
Time is getting nearer and nearer, '08 was going to its end.
The moment when we were counting....10,9,8,........,3,2, was really exciting!
and at 12am sharp, the firework began!
woww...we kept screaming!!went crazy~shouted loudly!madly!dump all the bad of the year!
New year, new beginning, new chapter, forget the bad,cherish the good!
If ever had any regret, don't let the mistake get repeated!
yeah...I promise I won't!!haha...
All the events we encountered throughout the life make us grow, grow to the wiser, leading us to the better.
Watching the firework at the vast sky, it was just like booming all the sadness and disappointment...and releasing the beautiful new sparks of life!
How about you guys countdown??having a wonderful one??
No matter how was the countdown, hope all of us can be blessed with prosperity and happiness...
Fill your new chapter with all the wonderful things~
Think wisely, act rationally!
We have grown up.
Long live 2009!!!

I've got my new spark.Haven't you??