Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Asian Water Sports Village

It isn’t a real village, instead you will never imagine what kind of luxury you can seek from here. Some investors must have ventured a large amount of money in order to provide such relaxing and sophisticated venue for the public. Row of villa along the Tasik Prima is opened for the visitors, unfortunately, my group couldn’t make a stay in this magnificent architecture.


This spot is actually quite newly opened, thus its equipment and facilities are all brand new. You would definitely like to take a look at their video below to see for yourself of its luxurious villa stay and activities offered! It is a spot for memorable gathering and leisure with friends or big family.


The batch of 29 people where there were FIVE cars (all female drivers) reached the destination with great enthusiasm to get ourselves wet! Pharmacy Girls ROCKXXX!! (Ooppss, not forgetting the 4 boys in the class as well!! Heh!)

The main 3 watersports that we got are the following:

1. I will call this Lover Turbo Blast. It’s a love shape that can accommodate two people and you will experience a wonderful intimacy with your partner when you’ve gone through this together – Yea, Turbo Up. xD This was the most exciting games which most of us want more.


Departing in dry state:


Tell me how can I get back without get wet? LOL.

Sign of splendid victory that we didn’t get flung out of the airhead. Happy returning Princess

Some buttocks stuck in the airhead as well. Haha…


We had bananas too! We were so sure that we wouldn’t drop off as the earlier two groups assured us that the boat would never overturne as the jetski operators would always stop/ slow down when necessary. Therefore, they’d never get wet.

Goodbye with smiley faces when the boat was going to speed.


Guess what, when we were so overwhelmed with only piercing screaming, the next second we found ourselves submerged in the deep murky water. Um uh~ The banana overturned out of our expectation! We were so unprepared and could only laugh over our noob ride for we were the first team who proved to the rest that THE BOAT WILL OVERTURN!! Hahaha… And this is my banana team:


The third games was a four-person-ride. This requires a great teamwork too in order to turn according to the direction so that the riders won’t drop into the water. I almost flung off during the ride. Luckily my butt and left hand managed to hold on tight right before the operators slowed down for me. LOL.


Kayak is available as well but I didn’t take up the paddle as I used to have this during National Service back then. So, want to know what made me put off kayak-ing?

Hahaha… Tata!!! It is JACUZZI SPA!!!!!!!! Notice that Sauna was awaiting behind too!!!

My exaggerating expression. LOL. Hey, I want a Jacuzzi tab in my future house, please~



Sauna and Jacuzzi picture courtesy of LaiHui.

That’s not the end of the thrill yet. There is a FISH SPA!!! Yes, you doesn’t get me wrong – Fish Spa =) But I felt creepy with the feeling of fishes sucking my legs. LOL. I could only bear with it for at most 3 seconds.

Fish Spa picture courtesy of ManFai:


Snap of golden moments:

Here are the 29 fella who broke free =) (Group picture courtesy of Wendy, our beloved organizer)


We had so much fun with only RM39.90. LOL. add on barbaque facilities provided at night. Great memory got its mark in hearts of all of us.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


When the King of Malaysia meets Queen of England.

When Tuanku Abdul Rahman smiles.

When Queen Elizabeth ll smiles.


When Tuanku Abdul Rahman is depressed.

When Queen Elizabeth ll is depressed.

What an interesting discovery – They both smile and sadden. XD

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Special Guest from England

Upon request from Malaysian Pharmaceutical Student Association (MyPSA) representative, I have a guest under student exchange programme in my house currently. To be exact, is my rented room at KL. =)

Her name is Jodie, with a graceful chinese name called 张倩 (pronounced as Zhang Qian). I love her chinese name very much! She is as soft spoken in person as sound by her name. She said she likes my name too. Oh yeah, my name - 慧荔 (pronounced as Hui Li), not bad either mar horrr~~ lol.. what a self-complacence.. hah!

To clarify, her origin is Hong Kong but had emigrated to UK as permanent resident. So, she can speak chinese/ cantonese as well.

To be frank, it is a great pleasure and experience to have met her as she inspired me quite a lot! =)
I recommended her several interesting spots within KL but only managed to bring her to Petaling Street and Sunway Pyramid due to transportation and time constraints. Oh ya, not forgetting, SS2 Night Market too. haha..

She bought a lot of stuffs, real lots. This tells how lucky we are the Malaysian with all the varieties offered in Malaysia range from food to personal interests like apparels, accessories and so on. Most importantly, there are cheap as compared to most of the other countries. People have been dreaming for trip to Europe, me as well, but now I realize Malaysia is not bad either.

I had been imagining myself living in England, Wow, London Bridge with SNOWS!! Oh yeah, a dream which makes me wandering on the cloud nine. But the next second, logical thinking hits me back, reminding that I would probably sacrifice my shopping desire due to the expensiveness of goods in UK. I could hardly have my favourite Chicken Chop and all other culinary dishes as well. Ohhhh, my Asam Laksa!! Roti Canai!! ermmm, Okay, I’ll think twice.

All the utter joys and satisfactions experienced by jodie turned into immense reluctance. I wouldn’t have believed what she yelled : 我不想回家了.. (means I don’t feel like going back already).. Woah, at this point, I was glad that I’m born in this golden piece of land. =)

Some great moments that I have recorded for her :

Some glutinous TangYuan-like food that we found at Petaling Street. It comes with different flavours covered up with peanuts. First time tried on this, I love this! =)

Delicate goods from Petaling Street:

She was wholeheartedly selecting postcards to be sent back to UK, and she insisted to send the postcard at the mean time she’s at Malaysia. This reminded me that I’ve never posted nor received any postcard. Hahaha… poor me.. I used to have postcards with no delivers or senders, just keeping the cards with myself. LOL. and yeah, THEY AREN’T POSTCARDS! hah!

Bought some dried pork slices as well.

Awesome architecture of Sunway Pyramid that drawn her interest:

Snap of two =) Remind me of Chinese New Year whenever I see this photo!!! Gong Hei Fatt Choi! Soon. And you can see how severe was her shopping spree (including the big mickey luggage and the items inside which you couldn’t peek through) XD

Scorching firework display at Sunway Pyramid witnessed by luck and chance when we were having KFC with view of Sunway Lagoon next to us. Guess there was some party held that day. Take time to view this short clip, the last few sparks were wonderful!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Certainly, most ladies love nail colours. Nowadays, not only the ladies, even the men don’t mind to give a yes to it out of curiosity. If you’re a man, I bet you certainly been trying to put nail varnish or making request to some other ladies to put the colours on your nails. The trend changes with time where nail polish in fashion has recently become more popular in men.

Back to some interesting history of nail polish, the idea of nail colouring exists since long long time ago. The ancient Egyptians stained their nails with henna while the ancient Japanese and Chinese with natural extracts.

These admiring glances were first developed by the Chinese who used mainly harmless natural ingredients like vegetable dyes. In ancient Egypt world, people used nail colours according to social hierarchy. The bright red nail polish can only be wore for the highest ranking people while the lower ranking people only permitted for pale colours.

Modern nail varnish was invented back then for cosmetic purposes and sometimes for nail protection.

That day when shopping with other two friends of mine, we spotted some nice nail enamel of Revlon. Without a second thought, three of us got ourselves one each.

The uniqueness of the nail colour I chose was that it scented when dry. In this case, you must be thinking what so unique of this, every nail enamel scented with a distinct smell. It’s different for the orange pop colour I got which scented with sweet fruity smell when dry.


A week later, we spotted a Christmas limited edition twinkling pink enamel from Body Shop. This drove us to another purchase.

Realizing how irresistible those nail enamels is towards the ladies, I would like to give little reminders and facts which one should be aware of when applying the coating.

Frequent use of nail polish and remover poses serious health hazards to the users. It is said that some people can still have strong healthy nails but some experience brittle nails. There was a time I used those cheap nail enamels and what made me gazed in awe was when I saw my nails turn yellowish after weeks when I removed the nail colours. So, choose a proper brand of your nail polish but it doesn’t mean expensive brands definitely give promising outcomes. After all, you’re still applying chemicals on your nails and the negative effects may just click on at anytime.

I scrambled through the nail polishes that I have, all of them don’t have ingredients label imprinted except the Revlon polish. Reading through its label, what I discovered was it is a formaldehyde and toluene-free formula.

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and its fumes are irritating to mucus membranes in the eyes, nose and throat. There are still nail varnishes adopting this ingredient although it is being replaced in some brands.

Toluene often used in nail polish as solvent to dissolve other chemicals all into a solution. It can cause birth defects in animals, affects the central nervous system and is fatal if swallowed. Toluene as well is linked to cancer.

Apart from these two, there are also other varnish chemical ingredients as well which cause hefty health dangers if you can google through the net.

In a nutshell, always take care of your nails while applying nail coats. Magnificent manicures should be on par with healthcare as well.