Thursday, May 19, 2011

Red Riding Hood at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

“Cordially” been invited to Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam for cycling after receiving a call from the dear brother Kaikam. Tried Skytrex before, so this time let’s try out cycling. :)

Out of our expectation, it turned out to be so crowded at the botanical garden. Registered ourselves for bicycles with more than 50 cyclists above us in the waiting list! So, there we had been waiting for about 3 hours just for the two wheels. See the faces below, you will know how bored was the waiting period. Lesson for everyone : Be An Early Bird! (But we reached there at around 9am! I thought it was early enough? )Confused smile

Infernal Affairs on show! LOL

While waiting, we took a stroll around the garden with the shuttle buses provided. The buses were divided into two routes namely Lane 1 and Lane 2 with opposite direction of travelling, offering different views of the garden.

A magnificent site which caught my attention during the tour – The Cactus Garden. It looks mysterious and rare, isn’t it?

Apart from flora, you can spot fauna at the garden too.

A small rabbit park is just located beside the entrance of the botanical garden.

Pretty peacocks in the garden as well.


Finally, the group got our bicycles. Group photo before we started the adventure.

From your left: Choo, Lay Hoon, Felicia, Lindsay,ME, Heng, Eunice, Eunice’s boy


WeiChin and me. I look like a malnutritious African child beside him.

The beginning of the journey was easy and relaxing where we stopped by at various sites to explore.

The overhead bridge which has been closed down.


The highlight of the cycling begins. I never expected the route to be tough where the slant is so steep that the bicycle wouldn’t move at all although you have exerted the maximum force on the pedals! Crap! So we gotta stepped down from the bike and carried it all the way until we reached the peak of the hill then we could just slide along the slope without cycling. And there we were speeding up to an estimate of 50, 60 km/h as the slope was incredibly steep! Can you imagine that? And that was the biggest fun we had! :)

But pushing the bicycle up to the hill is definitely a killing effort, gasping for air like asthma attack. zzzz…


Half way of the journey, some friends couldn’t stand any longer as they were overstretched and exhausted. But the tough one wouldn’t want to give up before they achieved something glorious. So, they challenged the highest tower available in the garden – Bukit Sapu Tangan (Translation : Handkerchief Hill). There are other spots available as well like the Empangan Air Kuning and two more towers which are lower in heights. But the highest one becomes the target. :)

Out of the ten mates, five mates decided to continue the journey though it was tiring. I had a 15cm long bread only at the morning while the rest had Nasi Lemak! Still, I persist to continue to the stupid handkerchief hill in order to get my prior effort paid. Here are the stubborn dudes who insisted to cycle for another 1.8km. Noob enough that we only realised we were ran out of drinking water when we already travelled far enough from the junction. A journey of no returning without victory. So, we continued the whole journey in thirst.

From your left : Lindsay, Kaikam, me, WeiChin, Choo

Yes, 1.8km, sounds easy? Believe me, it is VERY CHALLENGING! Watch them, WeiChin and Kaikam pushing the bikes together up to the 45 degree hill. Two guys, three bicycles. You knew whose was the extra bicycle belonged to. Haha…

Choo was carrying the girlfriend Lindsay’s bicycle too. This is what we said :

Girls are __________________ (fill in the blank) __________________

Answer : Gifts from God to test your stamina. Hah!

Yay! We reached the top! The 1.8km was the longest journey we ever had. We used nearly one hour the complete the 1.8km from the junction where the group split into two! =.= Then, we carefully stepped on the wooden staircases of the tower which seriously cracked and old like it could break at anytime when heavy weight being imposed on it.

Photos at the top of the tower :

The two Super Girls Smile with tongue out

I was like just after shower. Yes, Handkerchief Needed! Now I know why it is named Bukit Sapu Tangan.

The scenery when we headed downhill. It reminds me of Vampire Diaries which had some similar scene of this.


We spent about 10 mins to get back to the junction where we split with the rest. What a huge difference between Heading to the tower and Back again to the original place. 1 hour versus 10 mins. The reason why the returning was fast is because the steep slant imposed a great kinetic force to move the bicycle without the need to cycle at all. Enjoying the speed to the fullest!!! At least 50km/h with bicycle mannnn!! Woah.

Wondering what scenery we had on the top of tower? Here is it. The full view of Shah Alam. Worth it or not? You judge. :)

I conquered it !! One of the best memories of May Red heart

Strongly recommended for an adventurous ride at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Do you ever …. …

feel being appreciated or be appreciative?

If you don’t feel being appreciated despite how hard you have been trying to make the ends meet, then you seriously gotta re-analyse what are you fighting for actually? Do they worth it? Should you just leave?

If you never be appreciative towards all the kindness offered and things that you have owned, it is so sad to say that you are going to lose everything one by one. Some people they just don’t realise what they have in hands, but being obsessed with what they don’t have instead. Greed kills.

Look in your hands, what you have got, they are not granted for you. They are gifts from god to honour you, to rejoice you, to fulfill you. But if you take it for granted, they becomes pebbles from God to test you and to stumble you so that you get to learn one day.

Things come and leave. What you’ve owned are not actually owned by you. We are born with nothing in hands, so never claim over anything because it doesn’t and never ever belong to you. When you leave the world in the end of life, what remains is just ash, you don’t have anything to take away. So, always be appreciative for what you have as you only owns them at that precise moment.

Honestly, I put in the best I could. It strikes me deeply when what I had poured in never receive any appreciation. But I learnt a painful lesson – Never expect anything when you giving out any effort. You may drown in your pond of endless expectation.

So, I Quit. For Good.

For this mighty little flame in hold

Protecting it with all means

For it to ignite