Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot Air is HOT!!! =D

Balloon is HOT!!! Hot Air is HOT!!! Hot Air Balloon is HOT HOT HOT!!! omg...I love it soooo much =D How about me? LinHuiLi is HOT as well??? hahahaha....
So, after dreaming about the Putrajaya Hotair Balloon Fiesta for consecutive two months since I first came across this in newspaper during January, HERE I AM COMING finally despite knowing that I will be having two tests, two labs, one presentation, one discussion on the following week!! God damn god~~woah...I'm proud of you LinHuiLi. Hahaha...

So, at 6pm these were what happened at Monumen Alaf Baru Presint 2:


Woah... ...

Woah Woah ... ... ...


Air is pumped in ...

PUMP ...

... PUMP ...

... ... PUMP ... ...

So, the hot air came...


See the flame~ Woah~~

And then, it grew BIGGER, HUGE, LARGE, GIANT and ENORMOUS !!!!

See how the hotty babe became... Here the WOW factor comes...
Woohooooooo~~ excited!!! It is going to be let off~~

Hoho~ three balloons allign together and I caught them perpendicularly!!! <3

And then you see what is the yellow balloon I shown u all the while here....

... .... .... ...

... ... ...

... ..


It is a LionKing =D It only turned its front towards me as it being blown far away.
That's why I caught the small one. =(
See the lovely lion with a LOVE shape. It is looking at me to tell me he loves me. Hahahaha~~

I'm lucky to have gone there during the evening so I managed to see two different modes of balloons being presented. Yoyo~~~ I am lucky~ haha...

See, here are the night hotair balloons. Love it love it crazily deeply !!!
SEE!!!!! This is awesome!! BIG Tanglong here!! Nice right??
There were total of 16 hot air balloons from all over the world presented at once!!!
Omg, humans are creative, superb, genuine wonderful.
This is how they make people smile.

Not forgetting the main focus of the fiesta, the darth vader...
I'm lucky as well to meet darth vader !! Woah woah. I'm totally thanking god for the blessing!
See the pilots were lighting up the vader...

I seriously stunned when seeing that...
The whole vader design is fantastic weh!!!
And this is a short paragraph of information obtained from website.
Read this and you will regret for not going to meet the ultimate DARTH VADER.

The concept originated from 501st member BenoƮt Lambert (TK-2054), and it turned into a top-secret Lucasfilm-sanctioned project the making of which took nearly two years. In 2005, FanWars' commander TK-9999 spoke of the project with Steve Sansweet and Lucasfilm gave the green light for a Darth Vader's helmet-shaped balloon a few weeks later.

The balloon props measure 26 meters (86 feet) high with the basket included, 21 meters (69 feet) wide and with a depth of 24 meters (78 feet). The estimated hot air volume 3.000 m³ (106,000 cubic feet) and estimated weight 320 kilos (705 lbs). The balloon can carry two passengers and a pilot. First revealed to the general public on the officialStar Wars website, the Darth Vader balloon was present at the fan convention Celebration Europe in July 2007.

The darth vader captured by David is ... ...DARK vader ...

And guess what... I captured a PURPLE vader !!!
hahaha.... gosh... whenever I clicked the button it appeared as this colour..

And guys, you know what... we managed to invade the no entrance site where the balloons were gathered. Only VIP can enter the site and it was fenced all around. Hahaha... I'm lucky still. So, this is why some photos you seen here are of close distance shot.
And a photo to prove that I invaded the prohibited site, tata~~~

Hehehe~ thanks for this memorable one~ looks fake?? It's real seriously. Another WOW factor of the night!! I feel like I'm dreaming... The whole area was hot like hell especially when they started the flames. The nearer you get to the balloons the more burning sensation you got.

While all the spectators were stunning on those flaming biggy balloons, out of a sudden we heard a BOOM in the sky... okay, just some fireworks being shooting off...
and then when I thought everything was just fireworks, I was stunned once again. How can the fireworks display being sooooo pretty??!!! It definitely is the most beautiful fireworks that I ever seen. But the photos here are just incomparable with the real scene.

All the experience and sight I got from the event were totally beyond words. The only regret was that I didn't manage to play with the sphere waterball where we can enter the ball and walk on the water surface like this:
I WANT THIS!!!! =(

Okay, LinHuiLi can't be so greedy~ That was enough I get from there.

I bought this from the fiesta Nice bor?? =D
A cute yellowish bee windmill. Hehe. I love it.

The bee is searching for target...


... SEARCH ...


Here is the villain who always provokes the bee.

Sting him!


... STING ...

... stung ...

Yes his whole head is gone!



... Little bee is caught red handed and being shoot dead on the spot ... =(

LOL. Lame joke. Haha.

A sweating me with an oily dumb face.

And this is the best photo of the day I like the most:
The divine 2nd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloons is definitely going to be one of the main chapter in my 2010.
I'm looking forward to have a ride up to the sky somewhere else in the future. =D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be an organ donor now =)

Here I am to blog again =D
Have you ever come across organ transplantation?
I've been thinking about it since long time ago and today I just have the opportunity to get to know the way to become an organ donor! Wow~~~Haha..
There was an open-to-public exhibition at UMMC (Universiti Malaya Medical Centre) in conjunction with World Kidney Day which is globally set to be 11 March.
Nah~Tata~ Here is what I got from there.
Hahahahaha~~~!!! A GIFT OF LIFE's opportunity. =D

This is the card which you can submit to pledge your organs and tissues.

Organ donation - The gift of ones body parts after death for the purpose of transplantation.

Transplantation - An operation which involves the replacement of diseased and defective organs and tissues with healthy ones from donors. The commonly transplanted organs are kidneys, heart, liver, lungs and pancreas while the transplantable tissues are eyes, bone, skin and heart valves.

So, I requested the personnel to give me two cards instead of one. Haha. I wanna give it to my twins. Ohyea, there are two LinHuiLi. Hehe. Arlorr~~lame joke =D
Just in case anyone of you want it. I definitely will influence a people to submit for this!! =D

It was a sad case when my friends trying to stop me while I was filling the card and going to submit it. (Nevertheless, when I get back to the counter in order to submit the card, it already closed up =( ..Nevermind, there is never be late for a good deed. I'll try again.)
They advised me to think twice.

Well, basically I respect them for their religious and personal belief reasons. I think majority of the current society haven't ready to accept this with open heart yet. A living human parts to be given to somebody else while you never know what is going to occur after your organs being removed although you will have been dead by the time. It requires a lot of courage for some people to make this noble step. But then, hey friends and anonymous out there, do you know:

A single donor can save the lives of a number of people. Different parts of your body are going to be given to different people who are critically ill and strive to survive. They deserve a chance to extend their life span and make great contribution to this community. Appreciating the livings isn't it a more vital issue to be concerned despite of our post-death-life?

Somehow, International statistics show that less than 5% of people who pledged their organs actually get the chance to make donations due to the strict medical conditions that have to be adhered to, such as being brain dead with no chance of recovery.

So, won't it be our honour if the donated organ is being successfully adopted by the receiver? It will then be a life, a still breathing life that you have awarded to. A life that re-born due to a simple act of Giving back to the LIFE what the LIFE has given you.

Make your baby step voluntarily without duress whenever there is a chance for you to do so. They, who in grief are waiting all the while for an acknowledgement of a GIFT OF LIFE. Be the one to lighten up the candle of hope for them.

"MANY lives
could be saved
if more people
became organ

& tissue donors.

That’s why I’m
doing my part to
help in this
important effort.

Please make
the decision to
become an organ

& tissue donor.

It’s the right
thing to do."

-Michael Jordan-

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It means 2=0-1=0

TWO is better than ONE?

How if TWO makes no difference with ONE?

Can somebody show me the way it should be?

(p/s: Selfish = ONE?? Then I guess I need to be ONE until selfish says byebye to me)