Thursday, July 29, 2010

National Geographic

Alice In The Wonderland


Mount Fuji

(p/s: my eyes look sleepy right? It was swollen on that day. spoiler.)

National Geographic store
Launched on 22nd June
National Geographic Store Address:
T 16-17, Level 3, Lot 10 Shopping Centre.

Didnt manage to visit it last time.
Spotted a nice NG tee that time and would like to own one =)
The tee is similar to this, just that the one i saw was a bright pink colour which looks sporty and outgoing but not girlish~
Deng deng deng ~~~!!!
Nice??? Nice!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

D for *.U.C.K

There is a duckies eatery at Lot 10 HuTong which I think is superb.
The duckies are crispy with its outer layer, which means the SKIN!!!
Woots. Some of my friends will yell at me when knowing that I like the skin part of chicken and duck (Pig?? Only suckling pig's skin is acceptable).
They commented that the skin is disgusting.
But there are also some fella who like the sexy skin just like me =)
C'mon!! Imagine KFC chicken skin!! suckling pig's skin!! Yum Yum!!
Okay, back to the topic, duckies at HuTong, they come with different kinds of cuisine whether it is with the rice or with the noodles.
It is sooooooooo D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!
However, if you're in diet, then perhaps you will reject this delicacy as there is some portion of fatty oily layer beneath the skin. =)
A dish of duckies rice or duckies noodles cost nearly rm15.
Quite expensive right??
But nice to have a try =)

Golden Crispy Duckies luring me!!

The duckies noodles (top) and duckies rice (bottom)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Had a drink at the newly opened TAO a month ago, not the TAO buffet cuisine, but it's a club or pub situated just beside The Curve Library.
It is like a pub for me though.
I like the ambiance of the night as there were not much people.
I dislike throng of people in an enclosed environment, especially clubs or pubs as there will be choking second hand smoke all around.
In my very own view, to drink, is a way to socialize where people should learn.
I'm not encouraging liquor consumption, but at least you should equip yourself with certain level of drinking ability so that you wont easily get drunk.
A way of self-protection =)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friends For Life

An old friend visited Sitiawan last few days and together with another sweet couple,
we had a great time =)
He is so called the mad alien. haha~ this is how he regards himself.
but i would like to call him as fatty ooi! muahahaha~
Hey dude, still remember this??

hahaha~ nice pic! I think this was the only pic we took together despite all the crazy time~LOL

Another friend- Dr. Koh Juin Ting... a future veterinarian ~ A caring people who not only sayang all the animals from domestic pets to agricultural animals, but also being kind and caring to his beloved.
Nehh, do you ever do this to your other half? See, how sweet they are =)

For the first day we had mahjong at juinting's house. My first time playing mahjong, not considering those computer games mahjong. Yea, nice game!
After that, we headed to Foo's steakhouse.
Foos Steak House
34-35-36 , G / Floor
Persiaran PM 2 / 3 , Section 2
32040 , Manjung , Perak , Malaysia

The steakhouse actually served great eateries and soothing ambiance.
Half of the restaurant is western dining style and the other half is like a pub.
Cool rite =)

And they offered a range of delicacies from western food to japanese food.

Chicken Gordon Bleu which I ordered

Japanese Chicken that Juinting ordered

Portuguese Chicken that Adrian ordered

The crispy garlic bread. Owhh!! I miss that! <3

Some japanese sushi we ordered:

Seriously, I never expect Sitiawan can serve this standard of decent western and japanese food.
Totally competitive to any western and japanese dining outlets at KL's.
Bravo Sitiawan =)

For the second day, JuinTing were supposed to send adrian back to Ipoh and asked me along for a one day trip.
The mad alien actually bought alot of thingy from here until couldn't take bus back to Ipoh!
So you can see how passionate he's towards Sitiawan. Haha...

Eateries at Ipoh includes:
DimSum! Yeah~ The best ever DimSum at Malaysia-FokSan =)

A BIG WARNING for you, don't order this, something like taufu fa with garlic taste. Just dislike the taste.

Photos of memories

Sate & Otak-otak

Friends, A big thank for the great meals and fun times =)
Study hard and strive to achieve the impossibles!

Another coincidence was I actually met HER!!! Ng Sook Ying!!
at the female washroom at Kinta City! OMG!
I just can say that we have the FATE to meet =D
She was one of my bestie from National Service.
If you do notice that a blog post of mine on 26 march 2008, I did actually mention about her and our several coincidental encounters~
and this time on 1st July 2010 it occurred AGAIN~ =D

Hey girl, miss you soooo much!
How if one day we work at the same hospital??
I tell you if that occur, my jaws will drop until this extent:

Hahahaha... add oil pharmacist =D