Wednesday, May 21, 2008


oh my god...
I have been addicted to an online game - ViwAwa
like it so much !!!
is my friend, sZeYin recommended to me
Games available there are so nice
Players can play continuously to be up level
First, players has to sign up to viwawa.
Dont worry~is totally free!! (if have to pay I also wont like to play it. haha ^_+ )
just after you registered then you can play the games with other online players.
You can create your own wawa, give nice clothes, charming eyes, mouth and other accessories to let your pretty wawa shines among all~
yeahh...just like my lengzai~ekek... XD
but I put a lousy ID name !! damn it! cant change the ID name...T.T
There a lot of games available ... and will have more and more nice games to be enjoyed soon... Woowwww....
but currently I have been addicted to the games & ~
Furthermore, you can get new friends too... you can vote others' wawa, send private messages or give any actions to stay connected with other players~ CoOL ....
strongly recommend this online games to you all ... have fun at there~
what are you waiting for ???
fast fast log on to
add me as friend if you get registered yah~ see you there~taTa

my wawa - ** Rin fuiRi **LengZai boR ???

sZeYin's wawa...cute rite?hehe... we are wearing the same clothes =P

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SinGaPoRe MuackkSSssss...

Finally have to say BYEBYE to my first destination of ''frog jumping out from its well'' -- Kalvin said [ which means Singapore is my first time going oversea la~hehe ]
What I want to highlight is the Singapore Zoo. is so nice !! and of course I had captured many wonderful photos !!haha...This is the best part of the visit !!
With a free van from Ang Mo Kio mrt station, we reached the zoo at about 1.30pm.
lol...the time we promised is at 11am de wehhh~ZZzzzz...
anyway, glad that we did not miss the visit.
The zoo has so many cute and lengzai lenglui animals ! wee vee...
I like a sea lion named Carlos the most !
Carlos is so smart. I like its performance -- water splashing, kissing, shaking hands, imitating shark and so on...
if you all got the chance to visit the zoo, must not miss this part ! or you will lose a lot !! is really nice !

There is the CARLOS

The second animal that caught my attention is the Polar bears named Inuka and Sheewa. They are mother and the son respectively. The son, Inuka is so huge sized !! much larger than its mummy..This is the other part you must take notice when you go the zoo.

The polar bear, Inuka (in the water) and its mummy,Sheewa (at the ground)

We also manage to see the giraffe feeding. The giraffes are so pretty and gorgeous !! especially their eyes ! so if you cant find any lenglui on the roads then may be you can consider going zoo to have a look at the giraffes~ haha 0.O

Giraffe feeding
There are so much to be seen at the zoo..the orang utans, otters, giraffes, leopard, cheetah, lions, white tigers, etc...
let my photos tell you how wonderful the zoo is~ ^.^
but we still had to leave at 6pm as the zoo was closing~ T.T

My sister and I taking photo with the giraffes

There's the hiPpo

I am the crocodile hunter !!!

The longer the nose of the Probocis monKey, the more handsome they are ! So do you also have a handsome nose like Jackie Chan??? XD

Do we look alike ???

arghhh...orang utan ''bok mong'' my hand...ishhh...let go let go !!

The best thing that I had done during the travel was that I manage to meet up my two lenglui NS friends -- chiawchiaw and jingshuang !! gonna miss them so muchhhh...

JingShuang left # ChiawChiaw right
ME??? of course is the center one lur~^.^

The saddest thing was that I just could go for WINDOW shopping at Singapore !!

because the items are much more expensive than Malaysia la...

Singapore has so many shopping outlets. It has at least one shopping mall at each of its mrt stations...Woowww...

I like VivOciTy the most...

but what use ??? No mOnEy No FuN...ZZZzzzzz.....
There are so much to be gained during the trip..
I still have many great destinations haven't visit, many things haven't done ehh...
but the time not allow me to stay there longer as I have to return to my work...saDdddd...T.T
My next target of Singapore -- SENTOSA !!!
wait me save up the money first...then I will get you, my prey !!!haha...
CiaO0oooo Singapore~