Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Unexpected.

Today, shockingly, a photography student asks me to be his model for wearing on Japanese Yukata. I was like uh why me?? A little bit excited, panic and lost direction. Adrenaline rush. Haha.

Well, the first thing that crossed my mind was, hmmm, seems like interesting and challenging, would consider to give myself a try. On the other hand, a little bit worry that I can't handle the task and of course whether it will have an impact on my preparation for tests, for tobacco control team, assignments and so on as my schedule is so tight.

After seeking opinion from friend and sister... Sister was so supportive, asking me to have a try, go for it meanwhile herself also is eager to be offered such a task. Haha. The friend also was feeling quite excited for me (Didn't you?? Haha..)
With the encouragement, I proceed, as I always bear in mind that opportunity doesn't always come at the right time. I appreciate this. I love photography ^o^

Knowing that I will be wearing this :

Tata... Japanese Yokata for the first time of my life.

(p/s: the one in there is not me k =P)

The scene will be Japanese Tea Garden Bukit Tinggi.

What will be then?? We'll know. =)