Sunday, July 5, 2009

Get it through girl!!

Back to PJ. Sem starts soon.
A brand new second year of study.
Life is totally different from previous sem.
No more roomie, no more pillow talk, no more washing machine, no more college activities, no more air-conditioned AIA. Gosh.
New chapter begins at A505.
Life isn't easy at here.
Need to settle everything by own.
Food, beverages, payment of different bills, etc.
For the first day I staying alone at here, without my sister, friends were not seen elsewhere around here yet, without transportation.
Everything is hard.
Even the food I couldn't settle by myself. LOL.
Skipped my lunch as cafeteria didn't open plus no food backup at here as I don't have chance to purchase the stock, thus ended up with fucking hungry stomach for a 24-hour emptiness.
This is the second time I'm without food for 24 hours.
Until 4pm suddenly recalled there is a grocery shop at UT.
Went downstairs to find out whether it was opened or not.
Awww...thank was opened!!!
Get myself some light stuff to stuck my mouth before KaiSiang got me dinner later.
Thanks KaiSiang.
Thanks InnSeng.
For helping me out when I was starving.
Your help means a lot to me.
Sorry to trouble u guys.
TIME will get myself adapted. Don't worry =D
Sister phoned me for some h1n1 updates.
Eunice sms-ed to alert me the situation.
Again, don't worry. We all will be fine.
A big room for ONLY ME. Hooray. A lil expensive but worth for the privacy and freedom.

My bed. To be exact, my mattress. Yeap, no bed. What else do you expect? I don't afford for bed. T.T

With air-cond!!! Jealous??? *Wink*

(The air-cond is not functioning la! And it's not allowed to be used. Grrhh...)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Remembering the days of innocent plays and joys.
Missing those days when we mixing with other kiddies even though the kid was a stranger to us.
No worries. No sadness. No hatred. No fright.
Just pure happiness. The greatest hapiness that every man seeks after.
Recalling your childhood memories....

Swinger, which I like very much. Rush to grab the swinger whenever I reached the playground. Nevertheless, the swinger was often in ride by others.
Wait no turn. Disappointment left behind.

How about this?? I guess everyone played this before. You'll never forget about this. An easily available fun card game. I remember that the card was written with different questions. The player needs to answer the question that he/she chosen by numbering randomly to move the card. Such a long time never play this.

Yeah! Play Station! We owned one but never played often as mom used to keep it. We were prohibited to play the device as the games were so exciting. Mom knew that the children would definitely get addicted to it. Children couldn't resist the lure. I miss PS.

One of the PS games that I was crazy for it-Street Fighter. Yuhoo. The fighting game. But very often lost the fight to my cousin who was superb in PS.
The player I prefer the most was ChunLi. Hehe. Because I'm HuiLi =P...So lame. Just boasting. Haha... I also don't know why I like this player. I guess is because she's the only pretty female fighter in the game. Ryu is not bad too.

Cartoons!! Every kid has their favourite cartoon. I like Dragon Ball the most. I remember vividly that the cartoon was aired every saturday at 9am on TV2. It was such an early for a kid to wake up at this time. However, I never missed a single episode unless I had tuition at early morning 8am or 9am. Fuish. Spoilt my mood the stupid tuition.

Another classic game that everyone did play before- the snakes & Ladders.
Looking back those days.
OMG. How childish we were. Such a boring game we also played with it. =.=

The bubble. Most children like it. Even an adult may still like this. At least I do =)
20 cents per bottle that time. Cheap. But kinda burden for a child during that time.
My parents never gave me extra pocket money. We were given only 60 cents daily as the mee sold at school canteen costs 60 cents per bowl. swt. No drinks. No junk food. As they were not affordable by me. What a pity child. Haha...

Don't tell me you never ride this before. Bumper car!!! My favourite! Bang Bang Bang. Now can only find this at genting indoor theme park. Not considering those mobile fun fair. Sob.

How wonderful it would be if time can be reversed. I'll make my childhood more interesting.
I miss the kid days.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

8 reasons to say NO TO TOBACCO

  1. Live longer.
    Death is out of our control. It’s destiny. Everyone dies once. Yes, that’s true.
    But, do you wish to die in misery? Suffering from cancer?
    Struggling and fighting against malignant cells before dying?
    With hair falls, with pain and ache? Think ahead.

  2. Wasting of money.
    Get a calculator. Count on the money that you spend in buying yourself a stick that is killing you slowly. How about the cost of treatment for the outcomes of smoking?

  3. For your family and the loved one.
    Second hand smoke effect you definitely know about that.
    The smoker inhales 15% of hazardous chemical content in cigarettes.
    The 85% rest will be released into environment and being inhaled by the people around you, your children, your wife or husband, your mom or dad, your girlfriend or boyfriend. You’re killing them. However, when you’re certified with any disease related to tobacco, they will pay for you; still put their best effort to keep you alive. They will be supportive for you. But why can’t you change everything for them before it is too late?

  4. Physical appearance.
    Smoking looks smart or macho? Definitely NO. At least not for me. With what? With your yellowish teeth? With your bad smell? It controls your weigh? No, that’s a deceived benefit. Instead, smoker will get older easily. Wrinkles develop faster in smoker.

  5. Increased appetite.
    Smokers will be less craving for food. Non smokers taste better but not for the smokers.

  6. Prevention from diseases.
    Lung failure, lung cancer, mouth cancer, heart attack, yellowish teeth, etc.

  7. Protecting others from second hand smoke.
    Ever heard about premature birth? SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Abortion?
    All of these are the consequences of smoking or second hand smoke.
    The smoke is a silent killer to infants and pregnant women.

  8. Increased fitness.
    Smokers have less physical ability, lower stamina than non smokers. They easily get exhausted.

The children and wife had always persuading daddy to quit smoking. However, he never listened to them. Time flies. Now he is forced to stop as he is certified with lungs disease and the lungs no longer can stand for any smoke. The child is glad that daddy had ceased smoking although is a little bit too late. The only thing she can do is praying for her daddy. Long live Daddy. The child will strieve to influence her friends as not to follow her dad's path.