Sunday, March 27, 2011

Small thing that means A LOT to me


Putting myself in the position,

I’m being deeply thankful for these small lil warmy things.

It gives heart a touch.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maxwell Hill, Taiping for KY & Lorraine’s Birthday

I know, it is my fault. This was two months ago story. >.<

Still I insist to post this for it is a heaven place!

As discussed previously, the gang came into consent that there will be a brand new style for this year birthday celebration Smile The birthday girl will have all rights to choose a vacation place for her celebration. Taiping was chosen by the birthday girls as the first kick start for our plan. 

There we went, I was at the foothill.


Guess how we had gone up to the top of the hill?

We hiked all the way up!!!!

lol.. fine.. Yes, we took 4WD. An exciting drive which caught the girls at the back seat to scream as the buttock slipping off. XD

The group photo with the jeep. funwee blinked.


After 30 mins ride, we were 1036m above the sea level. Smile Will not do too much writing for these as pictures will do perfect job for me..

Spot my origin – Manjung district!



Being the wettest town, the fertile flora with their colourful petals got the girls head over heels. We snapped with FLOWERS and we snapped the FLOWERS as well. =D





Love the posh English style gardens and quaint little houses





The lush greenaries and breathtaking view




The overhead wooden bridge which almost got xinli pokai. lolx. So, watch out for your steps..


Lastly, a warm lovely group photo XD


Next we headed for lunch, the place where I ordered a chicken rice and had my first life time experience of Food Poisoning!! T.T Right after 6 hours we had lunch, I was vomiting and diarrhea-ing. The rest were fine as they didn’t have chicken rice as lunch. How lucky I was.. ZZzzz…

The mango flavour Bing available in the town centre.



Having our sweet cake cutting ceremony at Taiping Lake.


The tenderest girls in the gang were the main subjects of the day – KyYing and Lorraine. Are aquarius mostly soft-spoken? lolx. May your wish comes true.


Of course not forgetting an absentee, the toughest woman in the gang – Sue. lolx. Connecting through phone call..

The pic I love the most! Heaven view Smile


A good chunk of time with the girls, what’s next? It gonna be Xinli’s birthday. Stay tune :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just a human Just a girl

IMG_6990_1 copy
Flash back,

Zoom in,

A shoulder.

4 chambers,
Stop beating.