Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gelato Fruity . MidValley

Gelato, an Italian ice cream which you will probably like it.
I know it sounds a lil out of tune for me to post about gelato on 31st of month
rather than posting about Baskin Robbin.
But believe me, this ice cream is nice.
I like it but I can't afford to have it so frequent.
The smallest portion of it costs rm6.80!!
I can get almost 7 Sunday Cones with that. LOL.
But gelato is much more better than Sunday Cone of course. Heh!
Despite the smallest volume that they sell,
the portion is actually just nice, for my size at least.
The ice cream makes me thirsty if I eat much more than
what I got for myself that day.
There are various choices at the display freezer with different colours.

and I saw a blue colour ice cream which was quite creepy. Eeeww~
This is definitely a NO for me.

Customers were allowed to test on the ice-cream and the men at the counter were quite generous in letting the customers try out their flavours.
This should be the way customers are being treated mar~ LOL
I guess many people shall approach the counter if they know about this
especially when we are allowed to just walk away "thick-facingly" after trying it.
This is the Malaysian style, free things attract crowd.
I got myself the Kicker flavour. Erm, a lil peanut + vanilla + chocolate taste I guess.
This is how small the ice cream was.

The busy eating face with ice cream melting in my mouth and melts my heart. =D

Try to taste it by yourself. If you can afford, please get a FOC one for me
(not the free sample okay). Heh!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Popiah . MidValley

There is a small hawker stall selling popiah at the LG pathway which
connects MidValley and TheGardens.
The popiah looked delicious so my friends and I actually tried it out that day.
The scrumptious popiahs arrayed nicely in the oven which makes me drooling!

While queuing and waiting for the order, I snapped a few photos. Heh!

I guess the hawker was feeling happy when I took the photos as I shall then promoting their business. Some more is free of charge advertisement.
Hey, uncle hawker, you shall grant me some free popiahs!
Actually the one we ordered in the end were those wet popiahs without being fried.
Didn't achieve the maximum contentment.
But the popiahs were indeed same as what written at the stall: CRISPY!
I can feel and hear the essence in the popiah was crackling in my mouth
when I crunched it =)
I seriously wanna try out the fried popiah during my next attempt.
They have their own facebook too,

you can see how successful facebook is until it manage to become the advertising tools for corporates and even a small hawker!
Mark Zuckerberg you're a god genius!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love Is / Is Not Easy

-Love is not easy- This was the topic being debated during the first round of debate at DTC University Malaya yesterday.

A few points to ponder upon..

1. Is love difficult?
Yes, love is difficult because both parties have to tolerate each other, building up the trust, respect, responsibility and love whole heartedly.
No, love is not difficult as long as both parties tolerate each other, building up the trust, respect, responsibility and love whole heartedly.

See, in conclusion, love is simple because it can be both ways and yet love is complicated because it can be both ways.

2. There is no fixed module of love.
Totally agree on this. There shall not be any comparison. Love is not a number which can be graded. You will never know how much a person loves you. Even you yourself couldnt gauge how much is your love towards your lover. Because love is not mathematically derived. I would say it's a nature instinct and the greatest element that god creates for life. Love is not a subject paper that can be tested or examined. But then, there is a subject named "Paktology" (Subject of love) being creatively created by my coursemates. This is quite amusing indeed. =) And we wish friends to score an A for their paktology so as to say we hope that they will find their soul mates soon.

3. Why lovers break up and divorce?
Reasons suggested - because they are not suitable, they have no longer adore each other.
What I would like to say is, all of these are not love. These are just sort of temporary admiration or self-satisfied endeavours which are totally immature. What makes up a couple is that they endure and overcome all odds and hurdles together. All the incidents strengthen the bond between a couple. People fall in love at the first place, as time goes by, love is not purely I love you and you loves me. The love slowly adds in the sense of responsibility and willingness to live and support each other as long as the breaths are still being taken in and the hearts are still beating. One has to bear the responsibility for one's decision. You've made the choice and you shall make things right at all cost. Giving up a relationship, beating up your partner, torturing each other, committing suicide etc are not the ways an adult should behave. We are humans, and what makes the difference between us and animals? It's because we are blessed by god with an advanced brain which we shall be able to integrate, interpret, think and act with logics, humanity and rationality. So, think and act wisely for your actions, not only in the matter of love affairs, but also in every single minor aspect of your life.

Lastly, a mature love can makes a couple go further whereas an immature love can be destructive, not only to the lovers, but also to the people around them- the family, the innocent children and even the society. Love is not a burden. You just need to make the souls of two different entities merge. Sincerity makes love beautiful and Love makes the world beautiful. =D

Love is patient,love is kind.It does not envy,it does not boast,it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. . .And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. -1 Corinthians 13-

Above are just some personal thoughts, readers please don't be irritated if you disagree with me. This is not from love expert nor paktology A scorer~ LOL

Friday, August 6, 2010

To the Heartiest

What crosses your mind when you see flowers? Well, flowers bring alot of meaning and are part of many important occasions range from happy Valentine, Mother's Father's Day etc to sorrowful funeral.
There's a question in my mind, won't the florists be delighted seeing all the colourful petals everyday?? This simply makes me jealous!
And for this special month, the convocations let the florists buzz up with earnings! A normal bouquet of flowers will cost around rm50! This is kinda expensive but people still willing to spend for it because the lovable and joyful congratulation part to their beloved friends and families supersedes the financial matter! =)

I snapped a photo with a rose =P
Red rose symbolises Passion, Love, Respect, Courage, Congratulations which I would like to dedicate this to every of my friends and graduated seniors, especially my own buddy-SiewYan.

She actually lives at Cameron and her family is doing some kind of flower plantation. Sound cool right? So, the flowers we dedicated to her might not seem any awesomely beautiful than what she has at her Cameron house backyard. XD.
Anyway, would like to wish her the best of luck and stay tough for the journey ahead.
Do visit us whenever you drops by at KL yea~ =)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The braid

I got entangled.
By Miss Lim XinLi

And I love it =)

Some share of thought here to enlighten the readers:

-From "I" to "We"-
Humans -- tend to see the world in a very "me versus you" context.
The almighty "I" is the center of the universe.
That's what makes our interpersonal difficulties so common:
Divorce rates are higher than 50 percent,
kids rebel against their parents,
people fight with their bosses and quit their jobs in anger
--because at the heart of our relationships,
it is almost always ME against YOU.

This sort of tangle I definitely not fancy with.