Monday, September 27, 2010


Do you ever come across Grapefuits?
I think quite a number of people doesn't know what grapefruit is actually.
The first time I heard about this fruit was during my pharmacotherapy lecture by Ms.LoYokeLin in my pharmacy department who is a dedicated and knowledgeable lecturer. Most of the students respect her for her kind teaching I guess.
According to her, grapefruits have a lot of health benefits...
I just can remember it is a GOOD fruits. lol.
So, on the spot when I was told about grapefruit,
I was thinking : oh, I know, they are basically just grapes, a kind of fruits la..
Hahaha.. Shame on me.. I'm wrong totally!

Grapefruit, it is a citrus fruit which looks similar to an orange but it is bigger in size as compared to orange. So, it is an "Orange" not Grape. =D
Meanwhile the flesh varies in colours, and the one I managed to get yesterday were reddish in colour.
Yeah, finally saw it at a fruit stall after a certain period of craving.

See, it really looks exactly like an orange from pic right?

Ok, my first taste of grapefruit, it tastes sour and bitter, something like Orange+Pomelo taste. You know right, pomelo tastes a little bitter too.
Overall still OK la, pure citrus fruit's taste, nothing much..
I still have three more.. So, if you wish to taste it, come, you can get from me before I finish them. =)

Simplicity of its health benefits:
1. It possesses digestive, stomachic, antiseptic, tonic and diuretics qualities.
Woah. This is MUCH.
2. Weight loss diet
This should be great for girls who want to maintain to be slim. =)
3. Lowers body cholesterol level
4. Protects again diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
5. Alleviates symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other inflammatory disorders.
6. Alleviates insomnia.
7. Reduces fever.
8. Dispels fatigue and tiredness.
9. And much much more... ... ...

To beware, grapefruits interact with a number of drugs, so take note if any medication is taken.
I think I will have it frequently for all the health benefits it provides. =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Almost got it

Been hunting for a CheongSam since all the while.
Got to try on this at a boutique at Sunway Pyramid.
Like it muchie! With nice cut and it fit my body so well
until it could be hard for me if i have a full stomach. LOL.
and it was offered at a quite reasonable price too
but I didnt buy it..=(
Opt for better. Hope I do get it soon. =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sharing @ Annexe Gallery Central Market

I had a visit to the Annexx Gallery at Central Market, KL last two weeks.

It was a photography exhibition with the theme “The Sharing”, organized by some photographers who showing their photography of travelling around Asia.

An overview of the gallery

I like the entire feel of the exhibition as there is a little indirect interaction between the organizers and the visitors in the following ways:

There were candies for the visitors! =) how affectionate the organizers were.

There was also a corner equipped with a small table where pieces of 4R photos being arranged on it. The visitors were asked to choose one of the photos they like the most. All of the photos were so nice and had their own story behind. Though felt like want to have each of photos, but I still picked one out of all as I thought the organizers had their own intention for asking us to pick only one. =)

This was the one I picked. Guess it was the Empathy which drove me for it; it wasn’t about how wonderful the photography skill is. The photo has its photographer’s signature too! Woah. This photo was named –Afternoon Nap, taken in India, 2010.

Most of the photos exhibited were captured in India, China and Malaysia.

I didn’t actually have any expectation for the exhibition when going there.

However, I was blessed with wisdom from the sharing which I would like to share with my readers.

Most of the photos were figure based, from innocent poor kid to pity old man. At the same time, there were some nature scene photos as well.

-I Have Lot of Fun in My Life Too, Nepal 2010-

-Side by Side, Bentong Pahang 2009-

The figures being displayed grabbed my attention. Empathy was flushing through me within a second. Look at those innocent eyes filled with hopes. Hope that there will be food and no hunger, or hope that there is no poverty, or hope that the world will hear their inner voices, or hope that there will be help from the people out there. I’m sure their lives are hard, harder than anyone of us. But they still move on with clinging to hope despite the toughness. Their strong spirit for life is the spirit that sustains them for further journey.

What a friend used to tell me: Though sometimes there are people or on-going incidents which dismay you, most of time you just can’t ignore them or shut them off. What you can do is accept them with great courage and open heart although there is infinity splash of reluctance in your mind. Never escape but confront. Certain things in life are just out of your control including who and what come into your life or leave you in a later time. I was told, I can choose what I want my life to be although I can’t control the fore mentioned. So does you. Choose to turn the negative to positive; choose to turn up yourself though your surrounding turns you down.

While you’re obsessed with your own happiness or sadness, remember that there are people out there waiting for helping hands and in deeper grief. The world is not just about YOU.

Determination of Living -生存的意志-

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Had some catch up with friends at PizzaHut last thursday.

Pictures look great and we had some quick updates from the long-time-no-see friends.

Previous dining at PizzaHut was during several months back where Sue feasted us.

It was a great dining with friends too.
Yea, I had good times at PizzaHut.
And I just realized that I wore the same shirt for the both mentioned occasions above. Wow.

I like Pizza, but I'm not going to there anymore.
You know why? Perhaps some of you might have knew this before.
For the not-knowings, this is going to alert you. =)
I got to know that the malays doesn't need to pay the dining government tax at there!
While the non malays need to!
I totally don't understand what kind of policy is this?

Another situation was experienced by my friend who had his meal at some mamak stall..
and he had to pay rm3.50 for his MeeGoreng while the malays paid rm3 for the exactly same MeeGoreng.

I believe there are many of you had came across this kind of injustice too.
Well, I'm not showing any racism or disrespect to the Malays here.
I get close to my malay friends too and I have some good Malay friends too.
I just can't agree with this kind of policy where non-malays need to pay more and the malays need to pay less. I totally can't figure out any explanation for this kind of charging.
The country is treating its own citizens unfairly.
So, I've determined not to go for such dining outlets who show racism in their business and PizzaHut is one of them. =)
Unless there is a good explanation to cover up this.
So, Say No to PIZZAHUT. lol.

-All men should be treated with justice-

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Friends

All over Malaysia.

1st candidate - Ms. Ang Pei Wen, UTAR Kampar
She was transferred here from JitSin during Form 3

2nd candidate - Ms. Chiang Wah, USM Penang
a.k.a Choco Wafer, what a name. hahaha. You made my day! The one used to sat next to me in class.

3rd candidate - Ms. Lin Hui Li, UM Petaling Jaya

4th candidate - Ms. Beh Jing Han, UPM Serdang
A rich Pangkor girl, driving her own VIOS in KL, however she has no time to drop by at PJ for me. *CubiT*

But we are all from Nan Hwa Perak.

We had seafood (my favourite!!!) at Hainan Village, Kg.Acheh.
Just simple dishes we ordered as we got only four people but it ended up in a good feast.
2 Salted egg Crab

Salted egg prawn. It doesnt look like prawn externally though as it was fried.

Spicy Kangkung

So sound like we were having some salted egg feast?? LOL.
That was the first time I tried salted egg flavor, but they really are..of the TOP delicacy!!!
Thanks to the recommendation of the menu girl who recommended these as their restaurant's signature dishes.

Guess how much was the total bill?
It only cost about rm10 per person.
Doesn't it cheap?? Yea, nice and cheap Sitiawan seafood.
So, it's better to have gathering at here rather than have it at OldTown, Secret Recipe, PizzaHut etc.
You can get a full and satisfied stomach and of course a long chit-chat here with air-cond provided too.

We can hardly meet as time goes by due to different study timing and schedules.
Glad that we can at least meet once or two times a year together.
Stay close, friends (including all others as well) =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Spending my holidays by indulging in my own watermark =)
Designed two watermarks for myself using Photoshop.
Initially I wanted to use just one design, but I'm so indecisive to pick out of both favourites.
At the end, I decided to use BOTH. lol.
Just a simple one but I'm contented instead because I'm on the first pace to equip myself with Photoshop skills =)
My different watermarks which I plan to use in different types of photography.

Which watermark do you prefer??
My brother picked the bottom design

There goes, I tested my watermark on the photos which I took at Tanjung Harapan last week.
Were by chance and right timing, reached upon the destination at the exact time when the sun set.

Photos were captured merely by my Sony T300 but somehow they look like DSLR photos..
So, can you imagine how beautiful it was the sunset scene by the actual eye sight?
The vast sky and the crystal clear water didnt merge at horizon, you know why??
Because it is a bay not facing towards the open sea~ =)
Strongly recommend this bay site for sunset view!

-Kindly browse on my facebook page for larger view-