Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quattro Blessing

It was another special night with kaikam and melvin. The friends that I have known for 5 years ,and it is still counting and it will not stop counting. I ‘m so glad that the friendship still remains so simple yet sweet. We don’t meet up on a weekly nor monthly basis, but more often some spontaneous dates after some while. And every time when I hanged out with them, I would say everything was so interesting and cheerful. They are the dramatic guys who bring laughter and joys.

So, there were 11 dudes at the legendary place called Quattro. The place which I knew back in then. Yea, it is the popular four seasons nightspot with Autumn Club, Winter Bar, Summer Restaurant and Spring Lounge. Melvin came to pick me up and we reached there at 12am, the fella was telling me not to tell kaikam that I was coming over so as to surprise him. The first reaction when the bro saw me, from what I could see, he was smiling super widely, hahaha, yea he was so happy and surprised to see me appeared at the scene with melvin. In fact, the bro tried to drag me to club for N times for consecutive 3 years already, but I rejected him all the time with reasons and reasons, excuses and excuses. There, it was the first time I was down to the club just for his birthday. I meant down to the club with him after his numerous attempts to spread the bad influence to me, it is the first time. LOL. I used to club once and it was the second time that day.

Here is the bro who has been always affectionate, and of course he skunks sometime most of the time. He has a poor sense of direction, was once lost on the way to find me for lunch and ended up I had no lunch to eat due to his time delaying in finding ways out and it was already time for me to have class and time for him to back to his job. =.= Lunch time was OVER!! Hey bro, you know I ended up with bread ar??!! screw you.

This is the legendary melvin phun with all-time stylish hairs. Hahaha…This is his current hairstyle! How cute his is. XD

The hairstyle back then:

This is the Ipoh fella who owned all sorts of attention-getting hairdos.

The most unforgettable memory with melvin was when we went Sepang for F1 in 2008 where we climbed and jumped over to the restricted area and had a close up shot of Ferarri!! Hah. And he was in the process of chasing his current cute gf – Xiaowei :)
180781_10150091970871895_705036894_6739632_5286209_n copy
XiaoWei and me. Why I look like my husky when I do face?

180672_10150091971791895_705036894_6739647_1248567_n copy

Here was the situation:

The birthday boy was forced to drink until he was drunken.


Vomiting at the spot till the house keeping was called up. =.=


And these are the good friends who behaved snooty after the birthday boy toppled down.


Still not giving up? lol!!

Thanks for not forcing me to drink :) You know I dislike alcohols, they taste B.A.D and they give B.A.D

The bro asked upon how I find my second time clubbing? He wanted me to fall in love with clubs so badly, that was why he tried to entertain me with all sorts of method, he even dragged his 3 hot sexy female friends to dance with me. Okay, the girls were so good in dancing with their curvy hour-shape body figure. Honestly, I begrudged.
With Eunice Lindsay Felicia
180165_10150095678231643_545076642_6774280_8026732_n copy

Sincere feedback that I gave him : I’m actually not fond of clubbing but the place was great in certain aspects, however, it shouldn’t be a place which one immerse in as routine. The reasons for me not  fond of clubbing are extensive. The prime reason would be the smoke. The night when I get back, I could smell myself with third hand smoke all over my body. But I just couldn’t get rid of it, I wanted to bath, at the same time I wanted to sleep. So, I just get my face cleaned and immediately crawled onto the bed. The next morning, the first thing I did once I woke up was washing myself from head to toes, but I still getting the bad smell, not sure if it was real or it was just my pyschology part ruling. I’m not having obsessive compulsive disorder anyway.

I had a memorable night with you all and hoping you had a good night as well. Arlar, I knew you all did, the clubbing kakis. To kaikam, Happy Birthday bro!! Dream good, Act good and Live good!! May you find your true love soon, yes you will if you repent. Hahaha… I will always spread the good stuffs to you at the time you’re trying to influence me with your frigging damn things. Smile with tongue out

kkmelvme1 copy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreamz Bakery

It was Bubu’s birthday that giving chance to explore the new place – Dreamz Bakery, which just opened since December 2010. However, just within 3 months’ time, they manage to attract attention of numerous pastry lovers. Check out their facebook page which currently having 2000 over of people liked the page!!
The shop is the hardwork of a young couple and their partnership. You will be amazed by this young force when you see their achievements. Dreamz Bakery

So what’s the place so special about?

The area of Dreamz is just a very small confined space with three sets of dining tables and stools, probably the size of your bedroom. But, every single decoration in the shop is all of their own effort and it appears to be very calming, soothing and gorgeous! You would want to capture every single corner of the shop as each corner has their own unique mesmerizing view! The small space allows the owners to have closer interaction with their customers and you might have your own space if your crowd occupy all the three tables! Sounds great rite?! Heh!

The self-painted mural

The creative message web



Second, their macaron is also in the list of attraction. Unfortunately, it is selling fast. You probably need to wait for its next baking session if you’re late for order. Yes, I was one of them. Macaron on the bi-cycle :)


Not to miss out their famous 3-D cakes. You can order any shape, character or design you wants and they shall work it out to fulfill your wish if possible. The cakes are awesome from the point of aesthetic value as well as its taste, as claimed by most of the Dreamz customers. (Please refer to their page for 3-D cake pictures)

Okay, enough of nagging, lets enjoy the photos Smile

Some handmade accessories being sold at reasonably cheap price. rm5.90 for this!


Cutie soft toys:




With the pretty MMU-ians:







Bye bye :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


 If you have been following me all this while then you should have a good guess why am I having endoscopic examination.

Today is the appointment day where endoscopy had been arranged weeks ago during my second visit to the hospital. Endoscopy is a medical procedure  where tubes with tiny camera connected are inserted to your mouth all the way to the stomach and small portion of duodenum to inspect the tract.

The first drug prescribed – ranitidine actually didn’t show any improvement on my condition though I had taken it for one month. So, during the second visit, the general practitioner changed another drug for my gastrointestinal problem which is omeprazole, the proton pump inhibitor.

The general practitioner said she wanted to try another drug on me see how it goes before deciding whether to let me do endoscope or not. Seconds later, she asked for my consent of the decision. I really want to find out what actually happens in my tract, so I told the doctor that I would prefer an endoscope for a thorough check up. The doctor was so kind that she give me a yes regarding the scope and together with the omeprazole.

The staff at the endoscopy unit emphasized that I will need to be accompanied during the procedure, I should bring at least one friend. Guess who was the great companion Smile

There was a small crowd at the unit when I reached there. After registered, I waited apprehensively for quite some time and observed silently aside. A sad observation – I was the youngest patient there. >.<


Fit in operation cloth. A pretty patient? LOL. I was nervous and freaked out since days before the procedure.

Once I was lying on the operation bed, the staff sprayed anaesthetic mists into my throat. Oh gosh, I almost vomited and felt my throat had disappeared all in a sudden. The staff aside asked me to breath if I feel nauseated. Then the doctor came to inject, I guess it was another anaesthetic.

I guess I was in a partial unconscious mode for several minutes during the procedure thereby I could feel the torment when the tubes were inserted. I don’t have a vivid picture of whole procedure after they inserted the tubes until the moment I was pushed out of the operation room in dizziness. When I looked back the phone timing of the photos I took, it was actually 20-minute procedure but I felt like 3-minute procedure. Guess that was when the anaesthetic effect subsided.

Endoscope costs 100 bucks and I got it free as the university will pay for me.The scope revealed as normal but the doctor prescribed me Nexium which costs hundred over for two months course of medication.  Though I have the letter from University, I still can’t get the medication for free. I’m not sure for the reason but guess it is not in the list of hospital medicaments. Thereby, I didn’t purchase though it was prescribed. I shall meet my general practitioner a month later for follow-up.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buddy Treat

In my university, there is a thing so called “Buddy System” where every student will have a senior as her/his buddy to guide them in any situation/difficulty. For my buddy line, it has been a tradition that the senior buddy will treat the junior buddies during their final year. So, as discussed, we headed to TAO for our dinner without early booking. Ended up, TAO was fully occupied =( I missed the chance to taste TAO for the 2nd time.

In severe hunger, we headed to One Utama Shogun. It was fully booked again but the kind manager tried hard to allocate a place for us <3 This is what we called Excellent Customer Service Smile

Not much food picture to show as we were busy eating and there were too much choices of food to be captured all.


Scene of Sin: (You might have done this before too)

Scene One: Actor - First year buddy phooi mun

Afraid of surcharge due to wastage, putting those unwanted extra food inside and covered it then acting like it was not me. lol


Scene Two: Actor - Unknown

Thing looks good here. There is no wastage.

Look again!! This is the actual scenario!

I guess this is one of the important elements of buffet where we will need to hide all the wastage. lol.

MJ- My senior buddy, with old cat

Yi Siang- Her senior buddy, with muscular body.

This is US. Heart the two humorous final year buddies! <3

Monday, February 14, 2011

Receive l Give

The photo that I shared out on my facebook wall which get fancy feedbacks from friends. Thanks for the like. Personally I like this to max too. It was captured at Maxwell Hill Taiping Malaysia by chance. I’m collecting love pics like this all this while, hoping to turn it into an album while I have collected sufficiently enough.

Caption I put for this particular pic is : Single heart lost at nowhere? Look carefully, there are so much greeneries just around. Open your heart, spread the love to everyone on earth by any mean. We are not alone during this special day - HappyValentine-

What I wanna emphasize here is that Love exists if there’s Love in your heart, even if it is just a little. It is not necessarily for one to own another person to love nor to be loved. If there’s not even a petite love in yourself, then you don’t love even if you have a BF/GF. You’ll see invisible Love in the air if your heart is opened.

After all, it is Appreciation that plays a role in this Valentine. Show your appreciation to people out there. It means a lot, even by a simple sincere “Thank You”. Appreciation makes people feel appreciated owing to their effort. The world doesn’t owe you anything, so do appreciate whenever you receives, at the same time always remember to give.

Don’t ask whether you receives, Ask whether you gives?