Monday, May 31, 2010

The Best Promotion for Gintell.

The best facial expression for enjoying the massage.

A single massage chair can make a man goes like =S

Haha~ And I bet he is not going to try this anymore.

Or I should say that he had never wanted to get his butt on this thingy
but was forced by me. Heh!

Spent about 10mins there figuring how to insert the banknote to activate the machine

In the end we found that the main switch was actually in off mode =.=

Oh yea! It started to torture him!! XD

His expression went =S as he is a ticklish person. LOL

His facial muscles went jerky and stiff, squeezed all together.

The most ridiculous was, he looked at his the watch and shouted

The last shot after everything ended
The face showing : Jessie Lin, you beware!

Hahaha~ Whatever la~
May your dreams come true.
May you own this as your leisure car

Happy Birthday to David Ooi!! =D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time passes swiftly for all of us

There goes the second year of my university life
Slowly we acquire the skills and knowledge
needed in becoming a good pharmacist in the future
Yes, life never been easy for us
and sometime or most of the time
we (or perhaps just me) lost direction, being slumber etc
But still, life is awesome with great people and great encounters
This year we had learned to prepare our very first sterile solution
A new experience we gained through this journey to sow the seeds
This was the first large volume parenteral solution prepared by me =)

We also prepared liquid solution
This was the Linctus solution prepared by my group
(FYI, Linctus is actually a cough syrup)
To be frank, the Linctus actually grew algae few days later after the preparation
Hahaha... Don't you afraid to ingest medicine after reading my blog? XD

We had our OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)
We actually learned about diabetes this year
To make the topic more interesting
the department introduced this practical to us
I guess all of us had fun. LOL.
The people in the diet list drinking the glucose solution:

The guy whose job is to entertain the bunch of girls in the class. =D
Look at his facial expression
Was the glucose taste so badly for you?? Hah..

Ready to get my fingers pricked by the needle for a few times
in order to have some blood for the test
ChuiHua did the pricking carefully

Then a lil volume of blood is drained to the device
where it read the glucose level of the blood

Heh! My glucose meter showing its result.

Wondering if it hurts??
YES!!! of course it did okay! =S
But it's a useful experience for all of us indeed
Look at the fine holes remained where the needle pricked

We had a great pharmnight too
Congrats for the well done
We are looking forward to the next pharmnite.
Coba and her mates, you guys can do it!! =)

And then, there's Green Lung
A brand new group formed in the university
(Check out what's GreenLung at the following link.
Comments and idea contribution are welcomed)

We are still lacking of support
But glad that we see a good progress so far
Immense gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the
supportive effort made by members, friends and public
during the activities held:

Apart from studies and activities
We always have spendthrift outings. LOL.

We eat


We bowl

We skate

Some of the birthdays celebrated
Due to the tight financial status
we set the celebration to be only dining
no presents shall be given. LOL
But still we eat expensive stuffs
k larr...once a while pamper ourselves abit
The study is such a devastating moment to us k

ChuiHua & LaiHui's birthdays at TonyRoma's

KyYing's birthday at Kepong Crab

Seven of us squeezed into a car just to eat Kepong Crab =)

Xinli's birthday at Fridays

Time just passed swiftly for all of us
This freaks me out

The co-buddies in presentation mode
I thought I took this favorite pic yesterday?
But a year has gone instead
Friends, lets cherish the residual time
and fill our university life with no regret.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Siberian Husky

The new member in the house, the polar dog, aka Siberian Husky - Dollar.

Now I can officially put a strikethrough over my very first dream comes true! ^__^

He is sooooo cute!!!!
He is sooooo adorable!!!
He is sooooo playful!!!
He is sooooo handsome!!!
He is sooooo lovely!!!

--tired-- for praising too much.

You will like him too if you meet him. =)

Been told that we can get the fantastic member soon and was asked to select one of them.

Tata~ There are 6 of them. 4 bitches, 2 dogs.

Dad and mom were aiming for the male.

So, finally, the fourth cutie fella (p/s: we used to have three dogs) came to our house is him:

Handsome right?? He looks virile~ This is the man !! =D
He was initially named as Lightning Snow by his trading owner, but sis changed it to Dollar. =.=

He was sick once he reached our home sweet home due to the extravagant weather. Poor fella. He got fever and were vomiting. Thereafter, we gave him a fan to provide some cool breeze.

He got blue eyes when I capture him under flash light

And he likes to manja with me. He crawled over my body. He jumped right and left to get you to play with him. He cried in the middle of night for you to come to him. Gosh, this is the most intolerable part when you needs to wake up yourself and accompany him while yourself feels so sleepy, in the meanwhile, you're feeding the mosquitoes too! T.T

Some photos of dollar:

When he was asleep, I sodomized him with my T300~ Hehe~

This is his sleeping face.

His tiny paws.

While he was eating.

Dollar : Ahhh~~my food...spilt all over the ground. brilliant =.=

Sorry Dollar, you're not trying to help out mom to tidy the newspapers okay.

Dollar's action 1

Dollar's action 2

Dollar's action 3

You never know how hard I'd been endeavoring to snap a photo with the aggressive fella.
Most of the photos taken are like this:

This small naughty fella makes the whole family indulge in laughter.

You makes my heart smiles and I treasure you a lot.
Hope you will grow up in your top health condition although the weather here is hard for you to be adapted. =)

In order to train this little fella to become a ''genius dog'', I bought this:

Hahaha~ At the same time, I'm recommending this bookstore at Amcorp Mall PJ for you.
The bookstore is called Bookxcess.

The books there are extremely cheap!
I bought two books as shown (another book is shown at below) at a shockingly cheap price!

A book of roughly 400 pages at only rm5. I need to emphasize some more that the book has a hard cover weh~OMG. Bought this for ornamental purpose although you won't read it, it still worth to buy. hahaha...
Looking forward to purchase other books at the store. As what I always believe, reading is a luxurious habit. See those books at mph, omg, most of the nice books are above rm50 in average. Damn. Where the hell I could get the money to keep purchasing my favorite books ??
But now, hehehehe.... I guess, things gonna change little bit better since I found this hot sale. Wee~~