Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sabah : Rungus Long House

Stopped by to visit the Rungus Long House on the way back to Kota Kinabalu from Kudat.

Can you notice how long the house is? and it is actually not captured from its end, means it is actually longer than what you can see in the picture.

The story lies behind this Rungus Long House is that the Rungus people used to stay in this long house but now it is not occupied by any of the Rungus anymore. Every small part of the long house consists of a small room accommodates for one family. When the child of the family got married and have their own family, they will build a home next to it, another section of the long house built with a small room again, and there, the long house grew longer and longer. This is how they built the family in that long house. It actually sounds very sweet to me when I got to know that as the family get to stay together after marriage. There, they have a big and happy family, they could meet each other everyday and they definitely knew each of their family members. Unlike modern days now, people tend to move away and build their home somewhere away from where they used to grow up. Most can’t even meet once a year. Some even can’t recognise their own family members. This is actually quite saddening. But thank god, at least nowadays we still have internet to keep in touch which makes the distance closer. But, it’s still rather pathetic. >.<


Picture from Laihui’s cam. I like this pic very much. Don’t know why, it somehow gives a feeling of family =)



This is Gong. Errr, some musical instrument?


Pictures at the rooftop:

Everybody looking down.


Everybody looking up =)


Some art craft are done by the Rungus people along the long house and sold at cheap price.

Look at the necklace made of spherical tiny things that I wore. Haha… Too much? LOL. It is called Igiu (I think it’s the Rungus language). They are the seeds of the tree. According to our tourist guide, it is getting rare to find this Igiu, not much left for sale too, it is believed to have some aura to keep the demonic soul away. So, all of us got ourselves Igiu, hoping that we would be blessed and protected. And we cleared all the Igiu available. LOL. I’m gonna put this in car if I own mine in future. For now, the Igiu is protecting me by hanging on my bag. Heh! Another 3 Igiu gotta give away to my beloved friends, one for AhHeng, one for Sue, and another one still pending. Smile with tongue out

Next stop : Bee Farm – Gombizau Kampung Madu, also along the way back to KK. Nothing much, just some bees and honey. So I’m going to skip that part. Just show you another sweet picture of the girls at the bee farm. =)


With love.

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