Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Kudat : The Tip of Borneo

Here was the first evening we spent in Sabah. Burning hot sun, crystal clear sea, cloudy azure sky, everything appeared in such an idyllic scene.

Photo taken from Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

Let’s see a geographical image taken from internet source to have a better view of where exactly were we that time. Beach and Sunset, GO!!! (Sorry, no bikini Rolling on the floor laughing)


Ran towards the beach, and couldn’t help with series of camwhoring. We saw nobody on the beach, except us. Reason: Because it was 4pm! The sun was burning hot! Let’s see what great photos we had at this coastline.

My sweet friends: ChuiHua, KyYing, LaiHui, ME, Lorraine



A good chunk of time, I wish I can freeze the moment =)



View from the Tip of Borneo, worth for your three hours travelling on the bumpy roads which get your neck and buttock dancing all the way. I was astounded by the rocky cliff at the tip!


Sunset at the lingering junction – the meeting point of South China Sea and Sulu Sea. Awesome!!!

(P/S : There was some Music Fest Concert going on that day and they closed down the pathway towards this tip though the pathway doesn’t even hinder or link to the concert! So, we reasoned with the concert personnel. Slight argument went on, they couldn’t even show us the permission of closing down the place and they asked us to pay RM30 for the concert if we wanted to enter for sunset! Totally unreasonable for it is a public place and the visitors need not pay any single cent to enter for sunset normally. No prior notification regarding the prohibition was made online or else where, or else we could have turned up the other day! So, we wondered if it is a fraud of the organisor’s to deceive the public money by means of  the music fest. Indirectly, they made the concert a compulsory for all the visitors who wished to have sunset. After some argument, they allowed us to enter but only for 15mins, and the sun set at the 20th minutes, so we only get to see the gorgeous scene through the bushes. Sorry for the poor sunset photos displayed here >.<)

sunset tip of borneo

The very first time for several of us to see a sun set at the horizon. <3 See the sun disappearing, like an egg yolk, and it all happened within 5 minutes!

If given a second chance for a sunset at Tip of Borneo again, I’m definitely in! Red heart

Kudat sunset is a MUST HAVE itinerary for your perfect Sabah Trip =)

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